Handmade Hotel Room Debut

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Canberra’s, and indeed Australia’s, first-ever handmade one-of-a-kind hotel room is about to be unveiled and made available for limited bookings throughout July.
Handmade Hotel Room at Deco Hotel Canberra is the brainchild of Handmade Canberra and Deco Hotel Canberra and is all about connecting guests with the individual artisan makers of Handmade Canberra, Canberra’s hub for Australian-made designers and producers.  
“Our exclusive Handmade Hotel Room at Deco Hotel Canberra provides an unmatched stay in Canberra where everything from the artworks, décor, soft furnishings, kitchenware, dinnerware, food and beverage, and toiletries come direct from all-Australian Handmade designers and makers,” said Julie Nichols, Founder and Director of Handmade Canberra.
“This is a truly immersive local artisan experience where guests can stay in a bespoke, hand-curated hotel room.
A room full of 100 percent Australian-made products crafted lovingly by local and regional designers and producers.
“And even better, a room where the guests can go ahead and purchase anything they like out of the room that takes their fancy,” Nichols continued.  
Deco Hotel’s parent company Capital Hotel Group’s Marketing Manager, Alison Jones, says even the mini bar and in-room food hampers are stocked with Handmade produce.
“Almost all of the hotel room’s regular products have been removed and replaced with Handmade Market stallholder creations,” said Jones.
“We have worked with Handmade Canberra to curate artworks, decorative throws, cushions, kitchenware, ceramic vases, sculptures, dinnerware, soaps and shower steamers, room diffusers and sprays, food and snacks, and mini-bar beverages.
“Not only can guests stay in the room and enjoy Deco’s famed comfort and hospitality in centrally located Braddon, but they can actually buy all of the Handmade items within the room – to either enjoy during their stay, take with them when they leave, or order direct from the room to be delivered to their own home when they return refreshed from their unique Handmade Hotel Room experience at Deco Hotel,” Jones concluded.
Handmade Hotel Room at Deco Hotel Canberra is available for very limited bookings opening June 30 through July 28 in the lead-up to Handmade Canberra’s July market on the 29th and 30th.

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