ABCs of Investing Stocks 

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By Brett Reynolds

While saving your pennies for a rainy day might seem like a safe strategy to grow a tidy nest egg, you might be missing out on an opportunity to actively build your wealth. Investing in stocks puts your money to work to earn a passive income and grow your savings at a faster rate. With the cost of living on the rise, now is a great time to invest to protect your money from the effects of inflation. 

Why invest? 

The timing has never been better for young people to invest, despite rising interest rates and cost of living. In fact, investment may be the best way to protect the value of your hard-earned cash. Self-directed investment, using platforms such as Tiger Brokers, gives you the chance to boost your savings by trading stocks. 
Investing for the future is now easier than ever before, with trading apps and online brokers giving investors direct access to global markets. With developments in technology, the barriers are falling away for the next generation of investors – from tech-smart boomers to savvy Gen Z’ers. 
New online investment platforms are now available in Australia, with apps like Tiger Trade making the process to begin investing simple – applications take as little as five minutes. Once you’re registered, next-generation technology gives you direct access to Australian and international stock markets, so that you can control your trades in real-time. 

Preparation is paramount

Before venturing into stock investing, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of trading rules, particularly if trading across multiple markets. 
Stock investment involves purchasing shares in a company. There are two avenues for generating a profit through this investment, either through the annual dividends paid by the company to shareholders, or the shares increasing in value over time, so that they can be sold at a profit. To purchase shares in a company, that company must be listed on the relevant stock exchange – for example, Tiger Brokers allows traders to access companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), US exchanges (NYSE and NASDAQ), and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE). 

Empowering investors with valuable resources and community exchange 

Investing is not without risks, but online investment platforms like Tiger Brokers provide a wealth of resources to help you make informed investment decisions and increase your chances of success. On the Tiger Trade app, you can find educational materials, market updates, and a vibrant online community where investors can exchange thoughts and ideas. Our platform is home to numerous knowledgeable investors who share valuable opinions and insights. Additionally, Tiger Brokers organizes live-streaming seminars where industry experts conduct in-depth analyses of industry trends, providing investors with valuable knowledge and perspectives. With access to all these powerful tools, investors can confidently navigate their investment journey and build a profitable share portfolio.
Whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned stock trader, it’s a useful tool to gain real-time information on share prices and improve your knowledge of local and international markets. 
Investing can be a simple process through trading apps such as Tiger Trade, with fractional shares available for just USD$ 1. Get started to grow your wealth today. 

Key takeaways 

● Investing in stocks puts your money to work so you can save smarter 

● Investing through online platforms like Tiger Brokers keeps you in control of your investments

● The global market is at your fingertips; trade in Australian, US, and Hong Kong stocks

● All investment carries a risk – making sure you have a basic knowledge of stocks is a must! 

Continue to learn the ABCs of investment as Tiger Brokers breaks down the types of trading accounts in the next series of installments. 

About the author: By Brett Reynolds, Chief Investment Officer at Tiger Brokers Australia. Disclaimer: This article is intended for entertainment purposes only, and is not to be taken as financial advice, endorsement, or investment recommendation. Before making an investment decision, Tiger Brokers recommends you read the product disclosure statement of the service you are considering, and take time to fully understand the product, tool, asset class, or company you are planning to use or invest in. For more information on Tiger Brokers, please visit Tiger Brokers.

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