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Welcome to our ‘News In Brief’ column in which we digest all the news releases for you in no more than five paragraphs. Below are snippets of all the media releases we received from June 12 till the end of the week. This column updates regularly throughout the week.

Carer Champion Receives OAM

Ronnie Benbrow

Sydney, June 12: Ronnie Benbow, the founder of The Carers Foundation Australia, has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for her exceptional service to unpaid family carers.
Ronnie established the foundation to support carers and provide wellness programs, but funding remains a challenge.
The foundation is planning a fundraising event called Unsung Heroes to purchase a dedicated facility for carers.
The King’s Birthday Honours recognize outstanding Australians, and Ronnie’s OAM highlights her remarkable contributions.

JOI Education Transformation Initiative

(L-R): Ko Yun Hung, Managing Director of SNS; Dr Norisah Suhaili, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Pendidikan Malaysia Sektor Operasi Sekolah; Fadhlina Sidek, Menteri Pendidikan Malaysia; Hardian Hadir, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Yayasan Didik Negara.

Ipoh, June 12: SNS Network Technology Berhad, an ICT products, services, and solutions provider, is happy to announce that the Group is contributing 1,000 laptops under the JOI for All project to assist students in Malaysia to access online educational tools as well as ensure that they familiarise themselves with technology.
The JOI for All project is part of the Group’s countrywide initiative to provide ICT devices and solutions to schools as part of the Malaysian education system’s digital transformation incorporating technology enabling students to better access learning tools and knowledge.
The latest contribution was held under the auspices of the MADANI Education Roadshow platform.
The MADANI Education Roadshow under the Ministry of Education (“MOE”), organized by Yayasan Didik Negara, was launched in late March 2023 to foster ties with MOE staff as well as gather feedback and concerns from the education community on various issues related to the country’s education system.
JOI is the Group’s in-house brand of devices launched in 2014 and encompasses the JOI smart classroom framework launched in 2016 integrating a broad range of features to support effective teaching and learning, as well as enhance interaction and collaboration in educational institutions.

DOC2US, MPS Strengthen Pharmacy Digitalization

The signing ceremony was co-witnessed by (from MPS), Jack Shen Lim, MPS Honorary Secretary, Lam Kai Kun, MPS Executive Director and Harpreet Kaur, MPS Deputy Executive Director, and (from DOC2US) Dr. Shekhar BG Ramjutun, Chief Operating Officer, Oui Hui Che, Operations Manager, Mazlin Eliani Mokhtar, Senior Executive Health & Pharma.

Kuala Lumpur, June 12: DOC2US, the largest e-prescription and leading telehealth provider in Malaysia, and the Malaysian Pharmacists Society (MPS), the national association for pharmacists, joined hands in a momentous Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony recently, at Wisma MPS in Puchong, Selangor. This proactive collaboration with a telehealth provider is the first of its kind in MPS’ 56-year history intended to pioneer the full digital transformation of the Malaysian pharmacy industry.  
“Pharmacists are major contributors in both the public and private healthcare sector. To provide the best form of care to the community, we are constantly looking ahead for ways to innovatively develop and future-proof ourselves.  We look forward to a fruitful partnership with DOC2US.” said Prof Amrahi Buang, President of MPS.
The MOU will empower pharmacist professionals in the realms of digital healthcare, aiming to enable holistic healthcare solutions through the transfer of technology and expertise. This includes the sharing of education and knowledge on digital healthcare, e-prescription, and teleconsultation. Through engagements with relevant stakeholders, both parties will also work to further develop guidelines and standards for pharmacists in the use of digital health technology. 

UWA Releases Updated Sustainability Dashboard

Sydney, June 13: The University of Western Australia (UWA) has partnered with Microsoft to enhance the transparency of its environmental impact through its Sustainable Campus Dashboard. The university aims to achieve net zero emissions in all its operations by 2025 and has released a major update to the dashboard to support this goal.
The dashboard now includes comprehensive data on electricity and gas usage, water usage, and waste generation and recycling, providing campus managers with a detailed view of UWA’s carbon footprint. The updated dashboard, built using Microsoft Azure technologies, allows staff and the wider community to track resource usage and gain insights into building performance.
UWA plans to release version three of the dashboard, which will include data on biodiversity and canopy coverage, by the end of June 2023.
The university also intends to expand the dashboard to include data from its other campuses and facilities, improving its reporting capabilities.
Microsoft Australia and New Zealand expressed pride in partnering with UWA on this initiative, highlighting the transparency it offers and UWA’s progress toward its sustainability goals.

ESG Reporting and Carbon Management Partnership

Sydney, June 13: Alaya Consulting and Avarni have partnered to assist Hong Kong-based companies in their decarbonization efforts and compliance with forthcoming HKEX regulations.
The collaboration combines Alaya Consulting’s ESG reporting expertise with Avarni’s AI-powered carbon management platform.
The partnership aims to empower companies to navigate the regulatory landscape effectively, particularly in disclosing carbon emissions across value chains, known as “Scope 3” emissions.
By leveraging advanced technology and deep sustainability knowledge, the collaboration will provide comprehensive support to enhance companies’ sustainability performance, streamline ESG reporting, and drive meaningful change.

Pup: Empowering Brokers Revolutionarily

Sydney, June 14: Hound announces the launch of Pup, its Open Banking technology platform for brokers, in response to high demand.
Pup provides brokers with access to real-time loan information for all customers, eliminating the need for time-consuming interactions with lenders.
It can also be used to convert prospects into loyal customers, with its mobile-enabled feature enabling quick setup and access to customer details during face-to-face meetings.
The offering includes a one-month free trial and flexible cancellation options.
Pup aims to streamline broker operations and maximize business potential.
Early Bird pricing starts at $49 per month for the first 250 users, with additional access available for an extra $29 per month.

Simon Jesenko Joins Iceotope Technologies

Simon Jesenko

Singapore, June 14: Iceotope Technologies has appointed Simon Jesenko as its Chief Financial Officer, citing his successful track record in scaling fast-growing international SMEs.
Jesenko joins Senseye, where he oversaw its acquisition and integration into Siemens.
At Senseye, he transformed the finance function, focusing on SaaS-specific financial reporting, changing pricing strategies, and setting up structures for international expansion and funding activities.
Iceotope CEO David Craig welcomes Jesenko’s appointment, highlighting the market’s increasing reliance on liquid cooling for various challenges in data centers.
Jesenko aims to deliver growth and financial performance, enhance shareholder value, and establish a strong business structure to support future exponential growth.

FedEx & Floship E-commerce Partnership

Sydney, June 14: FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and Floship, a global circular supply chain solutions provider for e-commerce brands, have announced a partnership aimed at offering improved fulfillment and logistics services to e-tailers worldwide. With investment from the FedEx Innovation Lab (FIL), the collaboration will establish a digitalized end-to-end fulfillment and return solution, enhancing operational efficiency and leveraging FedEx services for best-in-class delivery. The partnership will enable FedEx’s e-commerce customers to access Floship’s global network of warehouses and logistics platform, optimizing their fulfillment operations, while Floship’s customers can utilize FedEx’s global networks and transportation options. Moreover, cross-border e-commerce customers across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and North America will benefit from enhanced fulfillment, last-mile delivery, and streamlined returns. The aim of this collaboration is to reimagine the future of logistics and meet the evolving demands of online consumers by offering seamless service and personalized experiences. By leveraging each other’s expertise, FedEx and Floship aim to provide a comprehensive two-way supply chain solution that fosters business growth and delivers a superior customer experience. This partnership marks the second investment by the FedEx Innovation Lab and further contributes to the expansion of FedEx’s digital capabilities and product offerings globally to meet the needs of the modern supply chain.

Press Metal Co-Founder Joins APB

Datuk Koon Poh Tat.

Shah Alam, June 14: APB Resources Berhad, a design engineering equipment fabricator, announced that Datuk Koon Poh Tat has become a substantial shareholder in the company, holding a direct 5.73 percent stake.
This follows his acquisition of 6.35 million shares from the open market on June 13.
Datuk Koon is a co-founder and Executive Director of Press Metal Aluminium Holdings Berhad, an integrated aluminum producer, as well as an Executive Director of PMB Technology Berhad, a fabricator of aluminum façade systems for buildings.
In addition to Koon’s investment, APB Resources Berhad also announced new board appointments.
Datuk Sri Abdul Rahim Jaafar has been appointed as Chairman, Liaw Wei Gian as Executive Director, and Chin Choon Wei as Executive Director.
Abdul Rahim previously served as the Director of the Department of Internal Security and Public Order in the Royal Malaysian Police until his retirement in 2021.
He is currently a member of the Police Force Commission and also holds the position of Chairman at Artroniq Berhad.
Liaw Wei Gian holds the position of Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at Artroniq, while Chin Choon Wei serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Artroniq.
The announcement of the new substantial shareholder and board appointments has had a positive impact on APB Resources Berhad’s share price. As of today, the company’s share price closed at 2.92sen, representing a significant increase of 29.78 per cent compared to the previous day’s closing price of 2.25sen.

New Documentary on COVID drops on iWonder

Sydney, June 15: Starting on June 27, iWonder will premiere a new documentary titled “Did COVID Leak from a Lab?” that delves into the theory gaining traction and support that COVID-19 was not of natural origin but rather man-made.
While the initial narrative suggested that the outbreak originated from an animal-to-human transmission at a wet market in Wuhan, China, some intriguing coincidences arise considering the proximity of the epicenter to a virology lab engaged in coronavirus research.
Efforts to trace the true origins of the virus have faced obstacles from the Chinese authorities, the international scientific community, and leading science journals. However, recent revelations, including a leaked, classified US intelligence report published by the Wall Street Journal in February 2023, lend credence to the lab leak theory, supported by claims of deception from the Chinese government, an international network of scientists, and major organizations.
Adrian Chia, Head of Content at iWonder, emphasizes that the inquiry into a potential lab leak is becoming less taboo as credible voices join those who have long suspected a cover-up of the Wuhan wet market narrative. “Did COVID Leak from a Lab?” presents a persuasive case for an alternative truth that, if proven, could redefine the historical understanding of the pandemic.
For viewers new to iWonder, the documentary will be available for free during the 14-day trial period. Additionally, subscribers gain access to over 1,000 acclaimed documentary films and series. iWonder can be enjoyed on mobile devices through iOS and Android apps, web browsers at, Telstra TV, Amazon Prime Video Channels, Optus SubHub, Apple TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast, or Apple’s Airplay.

Waste-Turned-Gas Powers Grid

Biomethane Injected into Gas Grid in Australian First.

Sydney, June 15: Sydney’s Malabar Biomethane Demonstration Project is a cool initiative that takes the gas produced from our organic waste and puts it into the gas network in New South Wales. They do this by turning the waste into a type of gas called biomethane, which can be used for things like cooking, heating, and hot water.
The project is located at a place called the Malabar Wastewater Resource Recovery Plant, where they use a special process called anaerobic digestion to turn the waste into biogas, and then upgrade it to biomethane. They’re planning to produce a lot of biomethane, around 95 terajoules each year, which is enough to power many homes and businesses in Sydney.
By using biomethane instead of regular gas, they’re helping to reduce the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere, which is good for the environment. This project is just the beginning, and they hope to produce even more biomethane in the future.
They’ve also found that there are lots of other sources of biomethane in New South Wales, like wastewater plants and landfills, which could be used to generate even more renewable gas. This means we can use our waste to create energy instead of letting it go to waste.
Overall, this project is a great example of finding new ways to use our waste and produce clean energy. It’s good for the environment and helps us reduce our reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

Epson Pano Awards: Open for Entries

Sydney, June 15: The Epson International Pano Awards, the world’s largest competition for panoramic photography, is back for its 14th year.
With a prize pool of US$40,000, including cash and impressive prizes such as Epson printers and projectors, photographers worldwide are invited to submit their entries.
Early-bird entries are open until June 26, with the final deadline on July 17.
Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your panoramic artistry on a global stage.

GSK Malaysia’s #GiveBack Campaign

Kuala Lumpur, June 15: SK Malaysia is leading the #GiveBack campaign, promoting responsible medical waste disposal. The campaign collects used asthma inhalers and medicine blister packaging for proper disposal. With expanded partnerships and more collection points, participation and convenience are increased.
Dr. Jonathan Pan of GSK Malaysia & Brunei highlights the campaign’s alignment with sustainability goals and aims to involve more Malaysians in the initiative.
Healthcare systems globally generate significant solid waste and carbon emissions, including discarded asthma inhalers with greenhouse gas propellants. Improper disposal can harm the environment, while blister packaging contributes to landfill waste. Professor Amrahi Buang of the Malaysian Pharmacists Society urges Malaysians to support the campaign and responsibly dispose of their medical waste.
An art installation, created by students from The Design School at Taylor’s University, utilizes discarded blister packs and inhalers to raise awareness of proper medical waste disposal and encourage environmental advocacy. The installation will be displayed during the GSK #GiveBack Roving Truck roadshow in the Klang Valley, promoting sustainability awareness.
The #GiveBack campaign accepts medical waste at designated bins in partner pharmacies and hospitals/clinics nationwide. The public can also drop off their waste during the Roving Truck roadshow from 17 to 26 June 2023. More information is available at nearby pharmacies/hospitals or on The Design School @ Taylor’s University’s Instagram page. Join the campaign for a sustainable future.

MR D.I.Y. Foundation Empowering Malaysians

Kuala Lumpur, June 15: Yayasan MR D.I.Y., the newly-launched MR D.I.Y. Foundation, is dedicated to implementing community impact programs that benefit Malaysians. The Foundation aims to provide assistance and relief to those in need by organizing and supporting initiatives that add value to their lives. Its focus areas encompass environmental protection, health, and well-being, capacity-building, and development, as well as promoting Malaysia’s arts and culture.
Puan Zaleha Mohd Mydin has been appointed as the CEO of the Foundation. In response to her appointment, Zaleha expressed her humility and eagerness to collaborate with teams, partners, and government agencies to realize the Foundation’s vision. She emphasized the goal of uplifting the lives of Malaysians and contributing to societal improvement. Zaleha expressed gratitude to the MR D.I.Y. Group for their support in establishing the Foundation.
Adrian Ong, CEO of MR D.I.Y. Group Berhad, praised Zaleha’s appointment and highlighted MR D.I.Y.’s commitment to supporting the communities they operate in. He commended Zaleha’s role in driving the group’s community impact programs, including initiatives carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ong expressed confidence in Zaleha’s knowledge, experience, and passion to ensure that Yayasan MR D.I.Y. positively impacts more people and communities.
In 2022, MR.D.I.Y. executed over 90 community impact programs, benefiting more than 126,000 individuals and their communities. The company also received recognition for its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts, winning the Best Newcomer award in the Equities Category at The Edge ESG Awards 2022. The support provided to Yayasan MR D.I.Y. reflects MR D.I.Y.’s commitment to enhancing the lives of Malaysians through various initiatives.

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