AusMumpreneur & Peace Advocate

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Two entrepreneurial sisters, Peace Mitchell, and Katy Garner, hailing from regional Australia, are celebrating the success of AusMumpreneur, an online community they established for like-minded mothers. Launched in 2009, their venture was driven by their shared ambition and the desire for flexibility following the birth of their first children.
The initial struggles faced by the sisters in their fashion and stroller design endeavors highlighted the lack of startup support in regional Australia. This realization prompted them to create an accessible network that would empower mothers with similar aspirations. Recognizing their isolation as a unique advantage, they launched a national platform and online community connecting women across Australia.
The AusMumpreneur community has become a vital resource, providing education, connections, and support to nurture successful businesses. With a membership exceeding 150,000, this network has emerged as a beacon for entrepreneurial women nationwide.
Reflecting on their journey, Peace Mitchell emphasizes, “Our greatest weakness, being isolated and remote, became our greatest strength because we had to be national from day one.”
Now in its 14th year, the annual AusMumpreneur Awards acknowledge and celebrate the impressive contributions of these businesswomen. The Mumpreneur industry has experienced significant growth since 2009, with the expansion of social media enabling more women to initiate their own businesses. Research indicates that women often experience a surge of creativity and innovation following childbirth, inspiring new business ideas and problem-solving approaches.
The challenges brought about by the pandemic further catalyzed the rise of women-led businesses. Many women viewed this time as an opportunity for introspection and reevaluation of life goals, leading to the diversification of income streams and the pursuit of ‘side hustles’.
Being a Mumpreneur offers the advantages of flexibility, financial independence, and the freedom to strike a balance between work and family life. Peace and Katy, now mothers to seven children, have remained committed to their vision of supporting mothers in business.
Within the AusMumpreneur community, numerous success stories have emerged, including Monique & Danni of bbox, Monica Meldrum of Whole Kids, Kristy Chong of ModiBodi, Rhian Allen of the Healthy Mummy, and Stevie and Nadia of ActiveTruth. These women, among others, serve as testaments to the power and potential of mothers in business.

Meanwhile, Melisa La Bozzetta, an Italian Australian mother and talented artist based in Melbourne, proudly serves as the Australian Ambassador for The Non-Violence Project Foundation. This non-profit organization’s mission is to inspire, engage, and motivate people to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence.
The Foundation has spread its message of love and peace globally through artistic interpretations of its iconic symbol, “The Knotted Gun.” Melisa, as an ambassador for non-violence, has created her own version of the symbol. Her painted sculpture, named “Ocean of Love,” employs blues to represent an ocean of trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, and faith. Layers of gold leaf symbolize the master healer and represent all countries worldwide.
Melisa is honored to share the ambassador title with renowned artists and personalities around the world, such as Yoko Ono, Bono, Ringo Starr, and Mick Jagger. She recognizes the incredible impact the foundation has in helping families and children globally. Melisa hopes that her sculpture will move people and initiate conversations that spread love and resonate with others. She firmly believes that increased dialogue and communication about the message of hope and peace will contribute to a better world.
The replicas of the “Ocean of Love” sculpture are sold globally, with all profits directly allocated to the foundation, further supporting its cause.
Melisa’s ambassadorship for The Non-Violence Project Foundation, along with the success and growth of AusMumpreneur, demonstrates the power of women in business and their dedication to making a positive impact on society. Whether empowering entrepreneurial mothers or advocating for peace through art, these individuals exemplify the potential for positive change and a brighter future.

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