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KPMG Australia and Stone & Chalk have revealed the space startups chosen for the Future Technology Program Space Cohort. This collaborative initiative aims to support and foster breakthrough Australian startups, driving growth and economic benefits in the technology sector.
The selected startups will receive a 12-month complimentary residency at one of Stone & Chalk’s startup hubs, along with guidance and support from mentors and industry experts. The program will facilitate client introductions and industry conversations, while each recipient will have a tailored KPMG mentor to assist with business validation, testing, learning, and growth opportunities.
The decision to focus on the space sector stems from the significant growth in global venture capital for space startups and the projected AUD $12b valuation of the Australian space industry by 2030. The program aims to provide much-needed support to promising Australian startups with groundbreaking ideas.
The chosen startups for the Future Tech Program Space Cohort are Arlula, Aquila, Nominal Systems, Ozius Biome, and Spiral Blue. These startups cover a range of areas, including Earth observation data management, wireless energy distribution, digital twinning architecture, earth observation analytics, and space-edge computing technology.
Sarah Vega, National Managing Partner of KPMG Futures, expressed excitement about supporting these ventures, noting their limitless potential in fields such as Earth observation solutions and wireless energy distribution. Michael Bromley, CEO of Stone & Chalk Group, emphasized the program’s aim to facilitate progress in the space startup ecosystem and drive economic growth in Australia.
The Future Technology Program, supported by KPMG and the Stone & Chalk Group, continues to unlock the potential of Australian innovation, pushing the boundaries of traditional industries and creating substantial value for the Australian economy.
In other news, Sophos, a global leader in cybersecurity, has been named a Customers’ Choice for Network Firewalls in the Gartner Voice of the Customer report for May 2023. Sophos received high ratings and recognition for its industry-leading protection, performance, and integrated ecosystem of solutions and services. The report highlights Sophos Firewall’s ability to deliver advanced protection against ransomware and other cyber threats.
Palo Alto Networks has published Volume 2 of its Unit 42 Network Threat Trends Research Report, which analyzes global telemetry data to identify significant malware trends. The report highlights the increase in vulnerability exploitation, the use of PDFs for delivering malware, the rise of ChatGPT scams, the targeting of industries using OT technology, the increase in Linux malware, and the growth of crypto miner traffic.
Lastly, Sage 42 Apps has launched Ventana, a cloud-based enterprise digital communications platform designed to streamline interdepartmental customer service and support workflows. Ventana offers a suite of tools, including the Taboo® Filter, to ensure compliance and promote a positive company image during customer interactions. The platform prioritizes collaboration and productivity within organizations, allowing for customization and code-free chatbot creation.
These latest developments demonstrate the ongoing commitment to innovation and growth in various sectors, including space technology, cybersecurity, and enterprise software solutions.

Ventana website screengrab
Ventana website screengrab.

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