Sony Enhances Professional Display

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Sony has announced the addition of 14 professional BRAVIA 4K HDR displays to its portfolio, catering to commercial environments that require reliability, picture quality, and broad compatibility. The BZ50L, BZ40L, BZ35L, and BZ30L series offer a range of options, including high-end, mid-range, and standard needs, with sizes ranging from 43 inches to 98 inches.
Designed to meet the demands of professional users, the new lineup incorporates favored features such as exceptional image quality, wider viewing angles, professional functionalities, and a smart System on a Chip (SoC) platform. Notably, the BZ40L series stands out with its state-of-the-art panel treatment, featuring a Deep Black Non-Glare Coating that provides both high haze and low reflection while maintaining deep blacks and high contrast.
The flagship BZ50L model, equipped with Sony XR processing for unrivaled picture quality, offers 780 nits of brightness in a larger-sized 98-inch display. The BZ50L also boasts a 22 percent reduction in weight and a 28 percent slimmer bezel compared to Sony’s professional BRAVIA BZ40J series. To enhance portability and installation convenience, the display incorporates ergonomic horizontal handles at the bottom and vertical handles at the top.
The BZ40L series delivers high brightness and non-glare features, achieving 700 nits at a high 47 percent haze with anti-reflection (except for the FW-85BZ40L, which achieves 650 nits at 58 percent haze), without compromising contrast. Other models in the lineup include the enhanced BZ35L series with increased storage, robust brightness of 550 nits, and an X1 Processor, as well as the complete BZ30L series, which offers a full range of sizes, X1 processing (except for the FW-98BZ30L with an XR Processor), and 440 nits of brightness.
Sustainability is a key focus for Sony, and all 14 models in the new lineup incorporate sustainable elements. These include the use of SORPLASTM recycled plastic, reduced ink usage on cartons, an optional stand to minimize waste, and the ECO Dashboard, which provides insights into power consumption based on settings configuration.
The displays also feature 24/7 operation capabilities, easy configuration and customization with one-step presets, mirroring capabilities, Pro Mode technology for simplified operations, a uniform bezel design, flexible installation for portrait and tilt mounting, and support for multi-display installation, allowing for tiling. Additionally, the displays offer a side logo for blend-in design purposes.
With the introduction of these new BRAVIA 4K HDR displays Sony continues to expand its offerings for professionals in need of reliable, high-quality, and versatile display solutions.

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