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Australian clean energy company Endua has introduced its groundbreaking standalone hydrogen power banks, designed to address the energy needs of microgrid applications. These power banks aim to eliminate reliance on emissions-heavy energy production methods like diesel generators and provide reliable, clean power to various settings.
Located in the Brisbane suburb of Archerfield, Endua’s energy storage system utilizes advanced hydrogen technology and serves as a testing platform for its innovative solution.
The modular power banks, measuring approximately six meters in length and three meters in width, can deliver power loads of up to 100kW per unit.
This capacity is sufficient to power water pumps, farm sheds, or standalone telecom infrastructure. The stored renewable energy is converted into hydrogen and then reconverted back to electricity using fuel cells. The modular design allows scalability according to on-site demand.
Paul Sernia, CEO and Founder of Endua highlights the significance of these power banks in bridging the gap in clean energy transition and stabilizing power supply, particularly in regional and remote power communities. By generating and storing hydrogen to replace diesel for off-grid power generation, Endua’s power banks provide a cleaner, cost-effective alternative to batteries and traditional generators.
Globally, renewable energy accounted for 29 percent of electricity generation in 2020, with expectations for this figure to surpass 50 percent by 2050. However, renewable energy sources face limitations, especially when sun and wind conditions are unfavorable. Distributed renewables often require support from on-demand generation methods such as gas, diesel generators, and batteries to ensure a consistent power supply.
Sernia points out that the two-fold challenge of relying on diesel and gas generators, which produce significant emissions, entails high operational costs, and depends on the fuel supply chain and pricing. Battery technology, on the other hand, is limited to a few hours of energy storage and cannot fulfill the requirements for a fully renewable future.
Endua’s unveiling of its power bank comes shortly after the company secured more than $11.8 million in funding to expand its clean hydrogen power solutions. Key investors include Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), Melt Ventures, 77 Partners, as well as strategic partners like Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, its deep tech fund Main Sequence, and the largest fuel network in the country, Ampol.
The introduction of these standalone hydrogen power banks marks a significant milestone in Australia’s clean energy sector. With an annual expenditure of $1.5 billion on diesel fuel for remote and rural electricity generation, Endua aims to decouple standalone and microgrid power systems from fossil fuel-generated diesel, offering a more cost-effective long-term solution.

Fanstands co-founder Lote Tuqiri.

In other news, Australian sporting legend Lote Tuqiri and entrepreneur Nathan Ruff are teaming up to launch Fanstands, a loyalty program targeting Australian sports fans. Fanstands promises unique VIP sporting experiences worldwide, offering exclusive discounts and benefits to subscribers. For as little as $3.75 per week, members can save thousands of dollars on various products and services, ranging from groceries and fuel to travel and entertainment. Fanstands aims to make luxury VIP experiences accessible to true sports fans while supporting charities aligned with mental health, animal care, cancer research, and sick children support.

Sundaresan Kanappan, Vice President High Growth Technologies, Tech Data Asia Pacific &

Tec D1, a TD SYNNEX company, has announced the release of Digital Practice Builder, an enablement platform that accelerates the competencies of channel partners in cloud, security, and analytics.
The platform offers online learning paths for sales enablement, marketing, services delivery, strategy development, and technical training, helping partners keep pace with the rapidly evolving IT landscape. Tec D1 will also enable resellers across the Asia Pacific and Japan region to access Microsoft’s Azure Practice Builder program.

Jemma Iles.

Olinqua, a leading healthcare technology company, has appointed Jemma Iles as its new Chief Executive Officer. The appointment reflects the company’s commitment to further developing intelligent automation platforms for hospitals. Olinqua’s solutions aim to enhance patient outcomes and alleviate the burden on healthcare workers by streamlining administrative tasks, improving communication, and ensuring data accuracy. Iles brings extensive experience in healthcare technology and will lead Olinqua’s growth and strategic initiatives.

TradeMonday Secures Investment from SenseTime To Expand AI Low-code Modularized Platform And ChatGPT B2B Retail Solution.

Hong Kong-based AI-powered retail analytics startup TradeMonday has secured significant investment from SenseTime, a leading AI company. The funding will support TradeMonday’s expansion and the development of its retail analytics product offerings. TradeMonday’s solutions leverage AI and data analytics to provide retailers with valuable insights into consumer behavior, sales trends, and inventory management. The collaboration with SenseTime will enable TradeMonday to enhance its ChatGPT B2B retail solutions and further empower retailers in optimizing their operations and customer experiences.
PPS and Edenred Corporate Payments have recently undergone a rebranding process and are now known as Edenred Payment Solutions. The strategic rebranding aims to align the business’s products and services under a single brand, emphasizing innovation and modular functionality. Edenred Payment Solutions specializes in digital financial solutions and offers a range of payment products tailored to the evolving needs of businesses in the digital era. The company strives to support the growing digital financial market and provide flexible, secure, and user-friendly payment solutions for its clients.

Edouard Billion, Managing Director of Edenred Payment Solutions.

Finally, Edenred Payment Solutions launched at Money20/20, aiming to empower innovation in the rapidly growing financial market. Combining the strengths of PPS and Edenred Corporate Payments, it offers simplified solutions for creating unique products and services. As a regulated Electronic Money Institution and Mastercard member, Edenred Payment Solutions processed over €35 billion in volume in 2022. With offices in the UK, France, and Brussels, it supports businesses across the Eurozone and the UK, enhancing the overall payment experience.

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