Rise Pacific Masters D2N

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RISE Pacific, a specialist company in rigging, access, and rescue, sought a robust and reliable communication system and turned to D2N – Technology Solutions, experts in intercom technology.
The design and sales manager of RISE® Pacific, Dane Boulton, initially approached D2N for accessories and parts for their existing fleet of Motorola digital radios. However, the conversation quickly shifted towards exploring newer technologies for on-site communication needs.
Given the high-risk nature of their work in complex vertical and confined spaces, RISE® Pacific had specific and comprehensive requirements.
They were particularly interested in a solution that would allow constant duplex communication among team members, even when their hands were occupied with tools and ropes, eliminating the risk of blocked urgent messages in busy radio channels.

RISE® Pacific’s Riedel Bolero system

Additionally, RISE® Pacific needed a communication system that was durable and compatible with AS-approved hearing protection/communications earmuffs.
It also had to maintain interoperability with its existing fleet of digital Motorola radios. D2N proposed a comprehensive solution using the Riedel Bolero system known for its reliability, flexibility, and durability.
The Riedel Bolero system, coupled with 3M Peltor communication/hearing protection headsets, fulfilled RISE® Pacific’s requirements by providing constant duplex communication and hearing protection in noisy environments.
The belt packs proved durable, and the system seamlessly integrated with their Motorola MOTOTRBO radios, allowing scalability by providing radios to less critical team members.

RISE® Pacific engineers and technicians using the Riedel intercom solution supplied by D2N – Technology Solutions

The transition to the D2N-supplied Riedel Solution brought numerous benefits for RISE® Pacific. Technicians could easily connect their 3M Peltor headsets via Bluetooth and join the on-site communications network.
The system enabled multiple party lines for different purposes, including radio interfaces, communication with rescue operators and clients, and external audio sources. The battery life of the Bolero system proved sufficient for a day’s work or more.
RISE® Pacific’s system is packaged in a rolling rack case, which includes the Bolero system, NSA Audio Interface, Radio Interface, and an IP camera system for monitoring confined spaces and work sites.
For simpler jobs, the antennas and belt packs can be conveniently packed in a smaller case for easier transportation.
Dane Boulton expressed the numerous benefits of the D2N comms solution, such as crystal-clear, low-latency communication with good hearing protection and ambient noise reduction.

RISE® Pacific’s Riedel Bolero intercom and beltpacks solution supplied by D2N – Technology Solutions.

The fully duplex and always-on nature of the system proved invaluable in complex and noisy work environments.
RISE® Pacific selected the D2N Riedel solution due to its superior performance compared to similar systems, and it has proven to be exceptional.
They successfully utilized the system in challenging confined spaces and vertical separations, demonstrating its effectiveness even in harsh RF environments and noisy airfields.
Boulton praised D2N’s exceptional assistance from the sales process to the configuration, deployment, and ongoing use of the system.
D2N’s expertise and deep technical understanding allowed them to find the best solution and utilize the product’s feature set effectively.
Communication with D2N has been responsive and timely, ensuring any issues were quickly resolved.

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