June Events: Sydney & KL

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Cuckoo Callay, a beloved neighborhood cafe, is set to close its doors on June 11 after six years of delighting locals with its quirky menu.
To commemorate its departure, Cuckoo Callay is bringing back some of its all-time favorite dishes, including the iconic
Return of the MacDaddy and mouth-watering Lemon and White Chocolate Hotcakes.
Patrons can also enjoy the savory Lamb Rendang Roti Tacos for a final taste of Cuckoo Callay’s creations.
As a gesture of appreciation, customers can fill out ‘goodbye postcards’ to thank the staff and get a chance to win exclusive double dinner experiences at the new ESCA venue.
While bidding farewell to Cuckoo Callay, ESCA Group is preparing to introduce a new venture in Surry Hills.
Ibrahim Moubadder, Co-Founder of ESCA Group, expressed his bittersweet feelings about closing Cuckoo Callay but also shared excitement about embarking on a new adventure that will redefine their presence in the community.
The upcoming Japanese Izakaya-style restaurant, Itō, will open later this year, promising a fresh and unique dining experience for the people of Sydney.

Meanwhile, the Marrickville Metro is launching its first-ever Festiville!
Aimed to showcase and celebrate the vibrant community of Marrickville Metro, the event will take place on the 10th and 11th of June, offering an immersive experience filled with color, flavor, passion, and energy.
The Festiville event will be held across the center, bringing the community together under one roof, or rather two roofs.
Attendees can look forward to a variety of family-friendly activities, delicious food options, entertaining shows, and much more throughout the entire weekend, including live music performances featuring Martha and Marrickville’s talented local schools!
Festiville will feature several themed areas, including Beautyville, Kidsville, and Market pop-ups with demonstrations.
Each area will provide a unique experience, offering something for everyone in the community to enjoy.
One of the highlights of the event will be a selection of exciting guest appearances, including one from ex-MasterChef participant and chef, Pete Campbell.
Pete will be carrying out a live cooking demonstration of 3x 30 min meals.
More information about additional surprise guests will be revealed soon, so it’s recommended to stay tuned to the Marrickville Metro website.
Overall, Festiville aims to create a space where the community can come together, celebrate, and share in the spirit of Marrickville Metro.
It promises to be a delightful experience, filled with sights, sounds, tastes, and aromas that represent the diverse and creative nature of the community.
The event acknowledges the power and importance of community, highlighting the craft, imagination, and creativity that exists within it.

Residents of Port Macquarie, here’s great news for those dealing with visual impairments such as macular disease, glaucoma, stroke, blindness, and other conditions, as well as individuals facing reading and learning challenges. Quantum RLV is hosting a complimentary sight support event at Panthers Port Macquarie on Wednesday, June 14th. Specializing in assistive technology, Quantum will provide a platform to discuss personalized low-vision concerns and explore available technological solutions. Attendees will have the opportunity to test a range of equipment, including the newly released text-to-speech wearable OrCam technology featuring the innovative ‘Hey OrCam’ feature. Don’t miss this chance to discover cutting-edge assistive devices that can significantly enhance your daily life.

In another exciting development, ShareInvestor Malaysia announces the launch of INVEST Fair, the country’s largest investment fair.
With the theme “Grow Your Money Lahh!” the event encourages participants to simplify investing through diversifying assets.
Taking place on June 3rd and 4th, INVEST Fair will feature over 50 expert speakers from the finance and investment fields, sharing their knowledge through enriching sessions covering various topics such as market outlook, sector insights, investment knowledge, cryptocurrency, and property investment.
The sessions will be conducted in multiple languages to cater to a diverse audience.
Participants can also look forward to winning prizes worth more than RM20,000.
Christopher Lee, CEO of ShareInvestor Group, expressed his excitement about hosting INVEST Fair 2023, highlighting its interactive and educational platform for both seasoned and novice investors.
The event provides a valuable opportunity to gain insights from experts and network with key industry players.
A highlight of INVEST Fair will be a special session by Robert P. Miles, an internationally acclaimed keynote presenter, and Warren Buffett authority.
Miles will share his expertise on “How to Become a Value Investor Like Warren Buffett,” an essential session for all enthusiasts of the legendary investor.
For more information about Cuckoo Callay’s farewell and the INVEST Fair, including registration details, visit the official website here.

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