Discovering the Joys of Pottery

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By June Ramli

Have you ever considered trying your hand at pottery or ceramics but found yourself hesitant?
As someone who recently embarked on this artistic journey, I wholeheartedly encourage you to give it a go.
After multiple failed attempts, I finally found success at the Pine Street Art Centre in Sydney.
In this review, I’ll share my experience and why I believe this workshop is worth exploring for aspiring ceramic artists.
The Pine Street Art Centre, nestled within the charming streets of Redfern, proved to be an ideal setting for my pottery classes.

Under the guidance of the ultra-cool and talented teacher, EJ, I embarked on a journey of self-expression through clay.
The class was filled with reserved yet enthusiastic classmates, creating a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.
As an adult, delving into a new skill offers a refreshing sense of rejuvenation.
Pottery classes provided me with a tranquil and calming experience, allowing me to escape the stresses of daily life.
The process of molding clay on the wheel during the initial classes helped me gain confidence and familiarity with the medium.

EJ patiently guided us, ensuring we understood the techniques and safety precautions associated with working with clay.
The course at Pine Street Art Centre spanned five classes, gradually building our skills and creativity. Initially, we focused on the basics of clay manipulation, forming simple shapes like bowls and handleless tea cups—a perfect starting point for beginners.
In subsequent classes, we refined our creations through trimming, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.
The culmination of the course involved painting our ceramics.
I chose a vibrant chili red, symbolizing the official color of this website as I plan to use the ceramics for our future food reviews.
One minor inconvenience was the limited availability of parking spots around the workshop.

The one-hour parking restriction compelled me to step out of class periodically to relocate my car. However, I suggest exploring alternative workshops that offer more generous parking options to ensure an uninterrupted creative experience.
Pine Street Art Centre, managed by the City of Sydney, stands out for its range of classes that cater to varying budgets.
They offer discounted prices for individuals on Centrelink benefits, making the workshops accessible to a diverse audience.
Despite the minor inconvenience with parking, the quality of instruction, and the nurturing environment created by EJ and fellow classmates made this experience truly memorable.

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