Introducing Daddy-O

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By June Ramli

Exciting news for entrepreneurs and innovators! We are thrilled to announce the launch of Daddy-O, a dynamic vertical within that consists of multiple verticals catering to various aspects of modern lifestyles.
The site is now seeking content ideas in four new verticals which are Daddy-O (Father-Centric Products), Fashion, Personal Finance, and Crypto.
Daddy-O Vertical: We invite passionate individuals to pitch their groundbreaking ideas and products aimed at fathers, whether they are married or not.
Daddy-O is all about empowering fathers with practical, stylish, and convenient products that enhance their parenting journey and celebrate their unique roles.
Fashion Vertical: Calling all fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters! We are seeking pitches for fashion-forward ideas that transcend gender boundaries. If you have visionary concepts for clothing, accessories, or grooming products that celebrate style and empower individuals from all walks of life,’s fashion vertical is the perfect platform for you.
Personal Finance Vertical: Are you a fintech visionary? We welcome pitches in the personal finance space that provide innovative solutions to help individuals manage their finances, investments, and budgeting. Whether it’s a groundbreaking app, a cutting-edge tool, or an intuitive service, Daddy-O’s Personal Finance vertical is the place to showcase your ideas.
Crypto Vertical: Calling all crypto enthusiasts and blockchain innovators! If you have visionary solutions that leverage cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we want to hear from you. Pitch your ideas for empowering individuals in managing their finances, exploring new avenues for investment, or creating innovative applications within the crypto space. is committed to nurturing entrepreneurial talent and providing a collaborative platform for innovators in these exciting verticals. We understand the importance of empowering individuals, celebrating style, and embracing emerging technologies. With your pitches, we can shape a future where fathers have access to cutting-edge products, where fashion is boundaryless, and where personal finance and crypto solutions revolutionize the way we manage and grow our wealth.
To submit your pitches and ideas to for any of the above verticles, please email, specifying the vertical you are targeting.

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