Aerologix’s Drone Tech Revolution

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Australian drone technology startup Aerologix is releasing its patented automated flight path technology globally, for private and enterprise use, which have potential use cases in search and rescue operations, disaster management and battling bushfires.
Previously restricted for use by pilots on the Aerologix app, international customers can now download the AerologixFly app to access the patented technology software, Aeropath, which offers an automated flight solution for inspecting vertical asset structures. 
Aeropath is designed to help fly drones around complex structures, such as telecommunications towers, buildings and electricity structures, turning a low cost consumer drone into a valuable superdrone.  
Additional real-time communication features are scheduled to be added to the AerologixFly app in the next six months that have potential use cases such as search and rescue and bushfire monitoring. AeroLive, will allow footage to be streamed live in HD, and AeroChat, will allow users to give pilots instructions in real-time from an off-site location or command centre.

“Aeropath is the jewel in the Aerologix crown and we’re really excited to release it internationally, allowing pilots all over the world to benefit from our patented technology, which will undoubtedly optimise their operations whether they work for a company that requires frequent asset inspection or they do occasional private jobs as a side gig. Aeropath will allow them to complete missions efficiently and safely, every time,” Aerologix Co-Founder and COO, Rakesh Routhu said.
“We’re also really excited about our new features that will be released in the coming months. To be able to watch a live stream and communicate with the pilot in real-time will be a game-changer for not only enterprise customers, but especially for the likes of search & rescue or bushfire monitoring.”      
Available on iOS and Android phones and compatible with all DJI drones, Aeropath is available on the AerologixFly app, as a subscription based SaaS model on a month-to-month plan.
For Australian pilots, Aeropath is currently only available when carrying out Aerologix projects.   
“It’s been great to see so many pilots utilising the platform already, before we’ve even advertised the service. 
“We’ve seen hundreds of downloads from across New Zealand, USA, Norway, Finland, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong,” Aerologix Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Caska said.
“The drone pilot community is a very engaged community and when there is technology that will help them perform their jobs better, either via software or the drone itself, they don’t hesitate to get on board.  We’re really excited to be able to service those pilots with what we think is brilliant technology”, Caska added.  

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