Scam Alert: Stay Vigilant

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Existing in today’s world can be exhausting as we are constantly bombarded with scams, even when we have done nothing to put ourselves at risk.
In the last two weeks, I have been targeted by scammers claiming to be from the FairWork Ombudsman and Seek, a popular job platform in Australia.
Let me start with the FairWork Ombudsman scam.
A person named Oscar called me, claiming that he needed to brief me on my obligations regarding something.
I spoke to him once but had to end the call abruptly because I was in the middle of a Zoom meeting.
The call seemed fishy, so I blocked his number immediately.
Surprisingly, Oscar sounded friendly and understanding, and he even promised to call back.
When he did from another number, I missed the call and to my surprise, he left a message saying that he would try to contact me again.
To clarify the legitimacy of the call, I contacted FairWork directly.
They told me that they would never make such calls and that Oscar was most likely a scammer.
They also mentioned that they always provide a reference number when making calls, which Oscar failed to do.
This was a red flag that confirmed my suspicion.
The second scam that has been pestering me recently is from Seek Ltd, the job board that many Australians rely on to find work.
I always knew it was a scam, but I decided to reach out to Seek and ask them directly.
It turned out that my instincts were right, it was indeed a scam.

Check out my interaction with the job board itself here.

Always remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and if an offer seems too good to be true, it is likely a scam.
Please stay safe and vigilant at all times.

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