Review: Vesna’s “Buh-Bye Burnout” Program

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By June Ramli

I was recently approached to review the Buh-Bye Burnout program created by Vesna Hrsto, a Wellbeing Coach and Mind-Body Peak Performance Specialist.
I started the program on March 23 and am now in my third week.
I will be periodically sharing my review of the program until I complete the six-week program.
For those of you who may not be familiar with it, the Buh-Bye Burnout program is clinically tested and proven to reset your energy, elevate your mood, and help you lose weight without cutting carbs, feeling deprived, or having to follow time-consuming routines.
I started the program just two days before the fasting month began, and I’ve been struggling to keep up with it ever since.
The program begins with a candid one-on-one conversation where Vesna emphasises the importance of finishing things.
If you have unfinished tasks that have been causing you stress, they can lead to various issues, including unnecessary weight gain.
Truth be told, I have many unfinished tasks, and they are causing me a lot of stress.
I need to finish two things before I can focus on this course, but unfortunately, it’s too late for that.
I must juggle all three simultaneously, and I confess that I am having difficulty implementing some of the necessary course requirements.
My sincere advice to anyone considering this course is to start it only when your to-do list is completed, and you have nothing else to concentrate on.
It’s too late for me, but I am taking notes and will diligently follow all the steps once I’ve cleared my to-do list.
This is a six-week course, and each week new modules are released to help with planning.
However, even as a busy person, I find the course a bit challenging to complete.
One of the course’s main teachings is to learn to say “no” to things that no longer serve you.
I need to look into this more because I’ve been saying “yes” to too many things lately, and it’s been detrimental to my well-being.
This means I need to start saying no to new experiences until I’ve cleared my to-do list before taking on new opportunities.
The course is delivered exceptionally well.
Vesna speaks from the heart, and it doesn’t feel scripted.
It’s as if Vesna is in the same room, guiding us through the steps needed for a significant transformation by the course’s end.
She provides recipes and guidance on how to become our best selves by the end of the six-week course.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to review this course and believe it’s precisely what I needed.
For now, I’m taking notes and following what I can, but I’ll dive deeper once I’ve completed my to-do list. This is the first part of my review, and there will be two more.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic course and worth every penny, but make sure you are free in body, mind, and soul when you sign up to get the most benefit from it.

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