Dogecoin Searches Skyrockets 

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Twitter users around the world were surprised to see a dog-like figure on the top left corner of their Twitter pages. The change came after Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, changed Twitter’s bird logo to Dogecoin’s Shiba Inu.
According to Google Trends data, searches for ‘dogecoin’ soared 1,992 percent worldwide in the following days.
In addition, ‘buy Doge’ and ‘buy Dogecoin’ searches also soared 1,044 and 253 percent, respectively. The Shiba Inu coin also saw a 132 percent rise in search volume.
As a result of this buzz, Dogecoin’s price has jumped more than 30 percent and is now ranked the seventh most valuable cryptocurrency by, overtaking Cardano.
These findings were revealed by online casino guide 6Takarakuji, which analysed Google search data and found that searches for Dogecoin had surged 1,992 percent worldwide over the last seven days. The change caused buying interest to surge overnight, as searches for ‘buy Doge’ and ‘buy Dogecoin’ soared by 1,044 and 253 percent, respectively.
The analysis also revealed that the Twitter logo change caused searches for ‘Shiba Inu coin’ to surge by 132 percent. Additionally, Google searches for ‘Twitter’ have leapt over the last seven days, rising 38 percent as users noticed the change and media outlets reported it.
Almost three-quarters (72 percent) of the 25 highest-trending searches relating to Twitter over the last seven days regard the logo change, which has created a buzz among internet users.
However, many users unfamiliar with Dogecoin have been left confused by the image change. ‘Why is there a dog on Twitter,’ ‘Twitter dog logo’ and ‘Twitter logo change’ are among the top trending searches.
So why did the Twitter logo change?
In March 2022, a Twitter user suggested that Musk buys Twitter and changes the bird logo to a Doge. Elon responded with approval.
Musk is famously associated with the coin and is among its most high-profile investors.
Last year, Musk announced that Tesla will accept Dogecoin payments for its products.
He is accused of intentionally inflating the coin’s price and faces a $258 billion racketeering lawsuit by cryptocurrency investors who describe it as a ‘pyramid scheme.’
“Elon Musk shows his power with a single logo change,” a spokesperson at 6Takarakuji said.
“By removing the iconic Twitter bird logo, Musk demonstrates that Twitter belongs to him.
“The effects of his actions are evident in the surge of user interest in Dogecoin, as investors rush to buy Doge to catch any potential yields as the price shoots up.
“But how long will it last?
“That could depend on how long Twitter keeps its new logo and if users find the joke funny for long enough.”
In conclusion, the recent change of the Twitter logo has caused a surge in user interest in Dogecoin, as well as a jump in the cryptocurrency’s price.
“While it remains to be seen whether this will be a lasting effect, it is clear that Elon Musk’s influence continues to have a significant impact on the world of cryptocurrencies.

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