Review: Cashed Up with Commercial Property

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By June Ramli

Anyone looking to invest in business real estate should read Helen Tarrant’s book “Cashed Up with Commercial Property.”
The reader is given a clear and actionable plan for creating a successful portfolio thanks to Tarrant’s step-by-step approach, which is the result of her vast experience and knowledge of the industry.
The book is divided into several chapters, each of which discusses a distinct aspect of investing in commercial real estate.
The basics of investing in business real estate are first covered by Tarrant, along with the advantages of doing so and the different kinds of properties that are out there.
Tarrant then delves into the specifics of locating and analyzing business properties.
She discusses the different ways to find deals, such as web listings and off-market opportunities, and offers advice on performing due diligence, analyzing market trends, and determining a property’s prospective value and cash flow.

Leading Buyer’s Agent launches Australia’s first ever simple step-by-step guide for everyday Aussies looking to invest in commercial property
Leading Buyer’s Agent launches Australia’s first-ever simple step-by-step guide for everyday Aussies looking to invest in commercial property

In addition, Tarrant offers useful guidance on contract negotiations, real estate funding, and tenant management. She provides advice on how to navigate legal issues, safeguard one’s investment, and mitigate potential tenant problems in her section on managing risk, which is especially helpful.
The emphasis Tarrant places on creating a lucrative and sustainable portfolio is one of the book’s strong points.
She focuses on the value of long-term thinking and provides suggestions for controlling costs, maximizing profits, and gradually expanding one’s portfolio.


Did you know that investing in commercial property can dramatically accelerate your income and build generational wealth for your family? The secret is out: Commercial property investing is quickly becoming a mainstream strategy for Australians looking to build a property portfolio. Why? Because it can generate positive cash flow faster than residential investment. That means reaching financial security for you and your family sooner—not to mention more money for those home renovations, school fees, vehicle upgrades, or dream holidays. Author and specialist buyers agent Helen Tarrant walks you through how to build a commercial portfolio from the very beginning. Drawing on real-world examples and breaking down all the numbers, Cashed Up with Commercial Property offers a detailed, specific blueprint for successful investing. You’ll learn how to: Put together your first commercial property deal, with tips on finance strategies, different property types and due diligence Understand the commercial property lingo so you can invest like a professional Build a portfolio that balances cash flow with growth, so you can benefit from ready money now and later Uplift your properties and add value to your investments in simple, effective ways Accelerate your retirement, with greater returns in a much shorter time By following the strategies that helped Helen build a $10 million investment portfolio, you’ll set up your own step-by-step plan for investing in commercial property—so you too can diversify your investments, create more accessible equity and find true financial freedom. About the Author HELEN TARRANT is one of Australia’s top commercial property specialists and founder of leading buyers agency Unikorn Commercial Property. At the age of seven, Helen migrated to Australia from China with her mother, who had only $70 to her name. Today, Helen has grown her own investments into a $10 million property portfolio and facilitated over 700 commercial property deals for other Aussies looking to build a better future for their families.

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Tarrant incorporates personal stories and observations throughout the book, which gives it a more individualized feel and increases the readability of the material.
Her writing is lucid and succinct, making the subject matter simple to comprehend and apply.
“Cashed Up with Commercial Property” is a great reference for anyone thinking about investing in commercial real estate, in general.
The practical, educational, and implementable nature of Tarrant’s strategy makes it a perfect resource for both inexperienced and seasoned investors.

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