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By June Ramli

Runway Room is a beauty brand that offers a range of makeup products, including a variety of lipsticks.
The Runway Room lipsticks are high-quality and versatile products that come in a range of shades and finishes to suit a variety of preferences and skin tones.
The lipsticks are formulated to be long-wearing and provide rich, vibrant colour that stays true throughout the day.
One of the standout features of the Runway Room lipsticks is their texture.
The lipsticks are creamy and smooth, making them easy to apply and comfortable to wear.
They glide on smoothly, providing even coverage without feeling heavy or sticky on the lips.
Another great feature of the Runway Room lipsticks is their packaging.
The lipsticks come in sleek tubes with which look elegant and stylish.
The tubes are also easy to open and close, making them convenient for on-the-go touch-ups.
The Runway Room lipsticks are also made with high-quality ingredients that are safe and gentle on the skin.
One potential drawback of the Runway Room lipsticks is their price point.
They can be quite expensive compared to other lipstick brands on the market, which may be a consideration for some users.
However, given the quality of the product and the range of shades and finishes available, they are well worth the investment for those who value quality and performance in their makeup products.
Overall, the Runway Room lipsticks are a high-quality and versatile product that offer rich, vibrant colour, smooth texture, and long-lasting wear.
Their stylish packaging and nourishing ingredients make them a standout product in the crowded beauty market.
While they may be more expensive than some other lipstick brands, they are a great investment for those who want a high-quality product that delivers on its promises.

My personal take on the brand

I was recently given four lipsticks by Melbourne-based brand Runway Room to review for this website. 
Mind you before this review took place, I must say that I have never heard of this brand before.
Most of the time, my go-to lipstick is always something from the MAC or the Sephora range.
So, getting these lipsticks was great to say the very least.
I love its brand name Runaway Room and the fact that all its lipsticks came in creamy light coloured casings.
I also felt honoured to have received these lipsticks and did a little video review of them here.


Thank you @runwayroom for these wonderful lipsticks. #productreview

♬ original sound –
We try the Runway Room lipsticks just for you!

The four shades that I received were CEO, Feminist, The Bride and Librarian.
Runaway Room lipsticks are great because they feel just like lip balms with some colour added into the mix.
They are 100 per cent Australian made which means you can put them on your lips right away without any hesitation and you don’t have to worry about having any side effects.

Alex Fevola
Runaway Room founder Alex Fevola

I later found out that the brand was owned by a very established Australian personality – Alex Fevola.
She told me in a recent interview that she used her prize money from Dancing With the Stars to start her brand which she has grown from strength to strength ever since. 
Congratulations Fevola and thank you for letting us experiment with your wonderful range of lipsticks.
We loved it to bits.
For those interested in purchasing the lipsticks from Runaway Room, go here

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