New NFT Game Launches

Singapore, Dec 8: vEmpire launches a two-player trading card game, The Beginning, inspired by the Roman Empire, bringing a breath of fresh air to the traditional role-playing games (RPG) space.
The battle deck comes with the inclusion of play to earn non-fungible token (NFT) cards that boosts card strength, providing players with an upper hand in the gameplay.

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vEmpire is combining multiple aspects of the crypto space alongside a new mission and design, making The Beginning first of its kind for the new generation of gamers.
The game is expected to hit the market this year, and will be available to play on their platform.
The first wave of vEmpire NFT cards, known as the Founding Soldiers, are open for purchase and are set to give players a variable advantage over the opponent.
With the NFT cards, players will be able to upgrade the strength of their troops.
The boost is also dependent on the type and rarity of the NFT card being used.
“With the launch of The Beginning, vEmpire is combining multiple aspects of crypto space starting off with DeFi, Gaming and Metaverse.

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Our gaming protocol looks to invade Metaverse projects to combat the monopolisation of the space.
The Beginning circles around a fantasy storyline of a Roman Empire’s conquest to invade and conquer.
With a strong narrative and unique character cards, it’s in the hands of the players to strategically invest time and resources to build an unstoppable force that outplays their opponent,” Dominic Ryder, Chief Executive Officer of vEmpire said.
It is no secret that the storyline of The Beginning is primarily focused on two brothers vie for leadership of the powerful empire, as the idea of vEmpire itself was conceived within a month by brothers Dominic and Mike Ryder.
Despite coming from drastically different educational backgrounds and career paths, the brothers were determined to make their shared mission come true by creating a protocol that focuses on true decentralisation.
The backstory is reflected in the building of the lead characters Romulus and Remus, brothers who never saw eye to eye but are steadfast in their shared pledge to expand the empire.
Romulus and Remus have their own army of troops with unique abilities at their disposal, providing players with the ability to choose soldiers for different scenarios to counter their opponents.
Whether one chooses to go all-out by throwing in their strongest troops at the opponent to win through brute force or play the long game, the players have to choose a faction and back a brother to the end.
Despite being a newcomer in the nascent blockchain gaming space, vEmpire has taken an innovative approach to rise above existing competitors and is committed to bringing projects that would be a game changer for its target audience.

Check out the demonstration video of the game.

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