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Kuala Lumpur, Nov 17: Spring cleaning has taken on a new meaning since COVID-19, even as vaccines are being steadily rolled out across the nation.
You’ve bought disinfectants and cleaning sprays in bulk, ready to protect your homes from germs and other microbes.
The only problem?
“Many people are cleaning incorrectly,” Li Bo, 3M Regional Application Engineer for Commercial Solutions Division said.
“A lot of people don’t realise that ‘clean, disinfect and sanitise’ have different meanings and each of those may require a different product and could have varying effects on the surfaces it is applied to.”
In anecdotal conversations with customers, 3M found that the average consumer may not actually be achieving disinfection in many cases.
Unfortunately, a “spray and immediately wipe” technique doesn’t do much more than remove visible debris on a surface or countertop.
So, it’s important to get some spring-cleaning terminology squared away.

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Once vaccines are more ubiquitous and SOPs are loosened, there might be increased traffic in and out of your home.
Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’re effectively minimising the risk of surface contaminants.
“When disinfecting, it is also crucial to read and follow the steps that are outlined in the product label.
“There might be important notes that many people tend to overlook,” Li Bo said.
“One of the things that many people don’t realise is that, for disinfectants to work, the solution is required to sit on the surface for a specific amount of time, often referred to as ‘dwell time.”
The average dwell time can be up to several minutes or more, so it’s important to look at the label to determine what dwell time the product requires.

Image Supplied.
Image Supplied.

“Many people also have a habit of using too little disinfectant.
“To ensure that the surface is properly disinfected, the whole area needs to be thoroughly saturated.
“After the fully saturated dwell time is up, use a microfiber cloth to wipe up all the disinfectant.
“A surface will only be properly cleaned and disinfected when those steps are followed.
“By picking up these easy practices, you can protect yourself and your loved ones,” Li Bo said.

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