Alibaba 11:11 Delivers

China, Nov 12: Alibaba Group Holding Limited annual 11: 11 has concluded with a bang!
Its 13th annual 11.11 Global Shopping Festival  (“11.11”), which generated RMB540.3 billion (US$84.54 billion) in gross merchandise volume  (GMV) during the 11-day campaign. 
“This 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, we delivered steady and quality growth that is a  reflection of the dynamic Chinese consumption economy.
“We also leveraged the power of  11.11 as a platform to fulfil our social responsibility.
“This year’s festival was a meaningful  milestone as part of our commitment towards building a sustainable future,” Alibaba Group VP Yang Guang said.
A record 290,000 brands participated in the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival this year, of which 65 per cent are small and medium-sized businesses, manufacturers from industrial belts and new  brands.
Agricultural belts in less developed regions enjoyed strong sales, with GMV of  agricultural products from these regions growing 20 per cent year-over-year.  
Ahead of this year’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, Alibaba Group fully migrated all systems and operations onto its public cloud.
Use of renewable energy in the Zhangbei County data centre, which plays a major role in supporting Alibaba’s e-commerce businesses, reduced more than 26,000 tons of carbon emission. 

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The highlights from this year’s festival were:
• Seventy eight brands grew to surpass RMB100 million in GMV this year, up from RMB10 million  in GMV last year, while 698 brands grew to surpass RMB10 million this year from  RMB1 million in GMV last year. 
• More than 45 per cent of consumers that made purchases were born in the ‘90s and ‘00s.  Consumers born in the ’00s increased by 25 per cent year-over-year. 
• 500,000 products with official Green Product Certification from more than 2,000  merchants were featured in a dedicated eco-friendly vertical on Tmall. 
• Over 1,600 brands participated in the new membership challenge campaign on Tmall and attracted over 97 million new members during this Global Shopping Festival.
• More than 1.3 million new products were offered by over 29,000 overseas brands that  participated via Tmall Global this year, with some 2,800 overseas brands joining for  the first time.
• From November 1 to 10, 90 emerging brands remained as the top brand by GMV in  their respective small categories for three consecutive years with 275 emerging brands seeing their GMV doubled YoY for three consecutive years.  
• Over one million packages were delivered by around 350 Xiaomanlv driverless vehicles from November 1 to 10, surpassing the volume of packages delivered by  Xiaomanlv vehicles from last September to this September. 

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