New Role For Gold Medalist

Sydney, Oct 21: Former Olympic Gold medalist Jo Clark has been appointed into the General Manager role at BrainStorm Software – an ERP (Enterprise Resource Systems) and software solutions company .
Clark joins a line of women who are changing the statistics in the workforce.
In Australia, there has been a four per cent increase from 29 per cent in 2014 to 31 per cent in 2019 in women holding senior management roles.
And specifically to the tech industry in the USA, Finance Online reports that there are even fewer senior roles held by women as only 19 per cent as tech senior vice presidents and 15 per cent as CEO’s, so there is still a major gap. 
Being a part of the female movement is nothing new to Clark, she was a member of the Gold medal-winning water polo team that debuted the sport for women at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and she is eager to continue to motivate and inspire other women out there. 
“It’s an honour to be appointed into the role of GM for Brainstorm Software,” Clark said.
“We have such a great team and I’m looking forward to growing the business more and more. 

“I’ve held a few management roles in the past but this feels different, we’re a global company and the evolution seems endless.”
“I don’t take the role lightly, I know there is a lot involved in the position and I hope to represent not just BrainStorm Software well but women in the industry.”
“It was a no brainer, Jo has been with us almost since the beginning, she’s helped the company grow and was already at the forefront of management within the company, so it seemed like an easy decision,” owner BrainStorm Software, Ty Osborne said.
“It’s not about if you’re a male or female, it’s about who can do the best job and Jo was the perfect fit.
“It’s nice to see women moving to the forefront of our industry, we have six women working over both our Australia and Indian team engaged in all areas, marketing, management, tech, consulting and development.”
Osborne is on the right track as according to the 2020 Gender Equity Insights report, the more women at the top proves better for business.
With statistics showing that profitability, performance and productivity increase under female leadership and female top-tier managers add 6.6 per cent to the market value of ASX companies.
After a career in her top-level sport water polo, Clark began her work career in 2004 in management and events within the not for profit industry assisting and running youth programs. 
In 2014, whilst juggling three kids under nine, Clark decided to start her own communications and events agency, which soon led to a role at Brainstorm as the Senior Marketing Manager. 
“I didn’t mean to fall into the tech industry and I wasn’t sure about it at the start as I didn’t think I was following my passion in helping people, however, BrainStorm doesn’t just create software, they help companies become better and that’s what I love most about it,” Clark confessed.
BrainStorm Software is an enterprise software development company and ERP Reseller.
They develop, implement and enhance enterprise software to help businesses achieve their most ambitious goals.
They now have a proficient team of specialists who implement ERP’s, integrate systems and develop bespoke solutions.  

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