Charity With A Twist

Kuala Lumpur, October 6 – KitaJaga has launched a charity event with a twist.
Starting this month, those intending to help the needy via its bendera putih or white flag campaign can do so by partaking in the organisation’s KitaJaga NFT Campaign – a four-week event aimed at awarding 20 users with exclusive NFT artworks created by Malaysian artist and illustrator Shahril Majid a.k.a Jiwo.
Five users will be selected each week to receive the exclusive NFT artwork from KitaJaga in which they can resell them to places like Pentas IO or other relevant marketplaces.

KitaJaga NFT. Supplied.

Every time KitaJaga NFTs are traded, 40 percent of the selling prices will be deducted as a royalty fee and it will be deposited into KitaJaga’s wallet as a donation, to cover operating expenses of the app.
“We are thrilled to bring NFT onboard our charity platform,” Reza Razali, founder of KitaJaga said.
“The four-week campaign aims at encouraging NFT enthusiasts to help those who have raised white flags on the app. 
“At the same time, they can have an opportunity to collect exclusive and tradable NFTs.”
KitaJaga will hold weekly sessions to allow users to submit their claim for an NFT and the system will automatically choose the first five winners.  

Charity With A Twist. Supplied
Image Supplied.

The event would kickstart on October 16 at noon with the first five recipients named then.
Users who want to submit their claim for an NFT must already complete a challenge of helping a certain number of white flags on the KitaJaga app, and have a MetaMask crypto wallet to participate. 
The theme of this coming campaign is titled Frontliners, where each of the 20 pieces of artwork will feature a frontliner, such as a healthcare worker, a policeman, a food delivery rider, or a supermarket worker.
“The use of blockchain has given KitaJaga an edge in promoting P2P (peer to peer) charity through interesting gamification programs,” Reza said. 
“We realise that this campaign may open up a path for KitaJaga to offer P2P charity to the global community too. 
“Above all, times are tough and people are still raising white flags on the app.
“So, let us contribute what we can,” he concluded.

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