Faster Treatment Launched 

Kuala Lumpur, Sept 29: Sunway Medical Centre Velocity (SMCV) recently launched its STEMI, or ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction network with clinics within the vicinity of the hospital aimed to provide faster and immediate treatment to patients exhibiting severe heart attack symptoms.
According to SMCV, cardiovascular diseases is still the leading cause of death in the country, and hence, it is important to install systems of care that provide timely treatment for a better outcome and recovery.
“Some patients may feel more comfortable with consulting with their local GPs first, who may not have access to the right tools to treat severe heart attacks,”  SMCV consultant emergency physician & medical director Dr Wee Tong Ming said.
At the virtual launch themed ‘Every Second Counts’, SMCV said the new STEMI network will provide doctors within a 10-15km radius the option to direct their patients to the hospital to fully utilise the available facilities. 
To date, 101 clinics have signed up for this service.
“After receiving the diagnosis from the general physician, it is crucial to initiate treatment in the shortest time frame possible and direct them to a hospital that can carry out procedures, such as angioplasty, to prevent the situation from progressing too far.
“Therefore, we intend to build a stronger network with these doctors, so we can work closer to aid patients in receiving the urgent and immediate care required in such circumstances,” stressed Dr Wee.
Meanwhile, SMCV consultant cardiologist & internal medicine, Dr Foo Yoke Long said: “When proper treatment is administered quickly, functions of other important organs in the body, such as the brain, can be preserved and provide a better outcome for the patient.”
“Some patients may not even know that they are experiencing such a dangerous situation, so for us to minimise the time from diagnosis to treatment, this STEMI network will save lives.”
Through this STEMI network, as soon as a participating doctor identifies the patient’s symptoms, the doctor has a direct line access to SMCV’s 24-hour STEMI Network hotline and can inform the hospital of an incoming patient and have the consultants to stand by.
This network is available 24 hours daily for participating clinics to have access to lifesaving facilities, such as the Emergency Department, cardiologists and the ambulance service, when required.

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