Skynfyx Picks CTOS

Kuala Lumpur, Sept 23: Skynfyx, the first digital skin doctor in Malaysia, has chosen CTOS eKYC as the solution to onboard new patients, register recurring consultation sessions as well as dispense medical prescriptions digitally.
Skynfyx’s adoption of CTOS eKYC denotes CTOS first venture into the healthcare industry in the business of patient onboarding and identity verification solutions.
“Practicing medicine online falls under the Telemedicine Act 1997 that states that anyone doing so is required to keep proper medical records including a patient’s name, identification, address and contact number,” Founder of Skynfyx Dr. Lim Ing Kien said in a statement.

“CTOS eKYC would be able to detect any abnormalities with any potential new patients and will also lead to a faster, more efficient process for our valued clients.
“Currently manual verification takes 60 seconds. CTOS eKYC will reduce that to less than five seconds giving us a 90 per cent reduction in patient verification time. We are expecting CTOS eKYC to help us increase our customer base by 50 per cent by the end of 2021.”
Skynfyx provides an online medical consultancy service for all skin conditions and offers personal prescriptions in a fast, affordable manner. 
As one of the few new companies launched this year, Skynfyx is disrupting the medical industry through the digital space that has become the New Norm for most Malaysians.
CTOS eKYC is a fast, easy-to-use and secure digital identity verification system provided by CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s leading credit reporting agency, that helps businesses verify the identity of customers digitally. 
The solution removes the need for manual, face-to-face identity verification of customers for Skynfyx, thus reducing onboarding time to mere seconds, whilst ensuring the correct prescriptions are being sent to the right people.
“Recently, we have seen CTOS eKYC being utilised in more sectors including the motor and property markets, beyond the traditional financial services space, thanks to the wide-spread confidence in the versatility and capability of the solution,” CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd CEO Eric Chin said. 
“As we now move into the medical industry with Skynfyx, we are seeing the proven value that CTOS eKYC is delivering to facilitate digital transformation across a broader range of markets.”
Patient identity verification is crucial for access to relevant medical information and treatment histories to ensure that practitioners are delivering consistent and appropriate care to the right individuals. 
Digital identity verification solutions like CTOS eKYC will not only improve customer journey but also offer a robust risk management approach that is central to the growing needs of digital healthcare services in Malaysia.  

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