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Melbourne, Sept 3: Like most father and son duo, Keith Osborne is no different when it comes to helping his son – Ty.
The two entered into a new journey in life together as colleagues when Keith came to work for his son’s company BrainStorm Software in 2016. 
Since then, the duo have helped deploy and create innovative new software solutions that have helped move a variety of businesses ahead of their competitors. 
Many of the BrainStorm solutions developed have seen companies completely digitise and transform by increasing sales, profitability and growth. 
Other solutions have made companies mobile,  paperless, or opened their eyes to new possibilities with Business Intelligence, always delivering value and saving time and money. 
Ty, a father of four including a set of twins, started his business BrainStorm in his hometown of Nar Nar Goon in Victoria. 
The software company grew rapidly, developing standalone solutions as well as an add-on for Enterprise Resource Systems (EPR) and by 2015 they had six staff and an office in Pakenham, Victoria.
“Dad was working in the same industry at the time as a consultant for our ERP partner INFOR and we were getting requests from customers to assist with consulting services.  
“As dad was over the constant travel, it made sense to ask him to join so we could service the ERP consulting aspect.  
“It’s been pretty smooth sailing, we do have our father and son moments but on a whole, it’s great seeing dad on a regular basis,” said Ty. 
“I have often heard proud fathers refer to Á Chip Off The Old Block’ as their offspring become involved in the business,” Keith said.
“I can assure you, Á block off the Old Chip’ is way better.
“I was seeking a less intense lifestyle and Brainstorm ramping up and in need of consulting was very timely for me.  “Ty is easy to get along with and I had no desire to run a business and Brainstorm offered an opportunity to mostly work remotely.” 
Now offering consulting, it was not long before Brainstorm became Infor’s only Australian Channel Partner who is a reseller of the Syteline/CSI ERP product range.  
Enjoying their time together they both decided to make the move from Victoria to Brisbane, Queensland.  
Keith already had three children in Queensland and Ty and his family decided to join in the move.
“The move hasn’t affected the business, we now have employees in Queensland, Victoria, NSW and India, everyone works remotely and it all works well.
“I saw a need for ERP’s in the Australian manufacturing industry back in 2013 and now we are seeing an increase in companies reaching out to us to streamline their entire business processes and enable them to grow, “ Ty said.
BrainStorm Software is a custom enterprise software development company and ERP reseller. 
They develop, implement and enhance enterprise software to help businesses achieve their most ambitious goals. The company now has a team of specialists who implement ERP’s, integrate systems and develop bespoke solutions. 

Keith left and Ty right Osborne. Supplied.
Keith (left) and Ty Osborne. Supplied.

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