WorldRemit Launches Remittance Service

Kuala Lumpur, August 13: WorldRemit has launched its money transfer services from Malaysia.
WorldRemit customers can now send money from Malaysia, in addition to 50 other countries including the UK and the USA, to more than 130 destinations. Depending on their location, customers can choose from multiple payout methods for the recipient including bank deposits, payments to mobile wallets, cash pick-up and mobile airtime top-up.
“We’re passionate about making sure that customers can continue to make affordable money transfers to their family and friends in the comfort of their homes. Since 2010, we have disrupted traditional money transfer methods by delivering services that customers can access via smartphones at their convenience,” WorldRemit country director for Malaysia Ridzuan Aziz said.
“With communities across the world having to change their lifestyles due to the disruption caused by COVID-19, we’re proud to play our part in making sure our customers can continue to support those dearest to them throughout this challenging time.”
According to the World Bank, migrant workers account for 15 per cent of the Malaysian workforce making Malaysia home to the East Asia and Pacific region’s 4th largest migrant population. 
Migrants make a significant contribution to Malaysia’s economy and support their loved ones by sending substantial amounts of money transfers back home. 
World Bank data shows that remittance outflows from Malaysia have increased by more than 500 per cent since 2016.
The WorldRemit service will be available to our customers in Malaysia using our app or web platform. 
The service is expected to see widespread adoption in major urban centres, as well as serving the increasing number of migrant workers who are employed in plantations and other rural locations.
For migrant workers, this will provide added convenience as they can avoid having to make long journeys to send money transfers from traditional shop fronts.
WorldRemit is fully licensed with a Class-B remittance license issued this February by the Central Bank in Malaysia.
Previously, WorldRemit participated in the Bank’s FinTech Regulatory Sandbox Framework which recognised the important role of FinTech in providing financial services in Malaysia. 
The framework granted regulatory flexibility to financial institutions and FinTech companies to experiment with FinTech solutions to improve digital services in the sector, particularly focusing on inclusivity and better access. 

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