Singapore’s New Safety Campaign

Singapore, July 19: A new catchy music video urging Singaporeans to vaccinate has garnered more than 4.5 million views since its launch on July 2.
Tribal Worldwide Singapore collaborated with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCI) to launch the ‘Together, towards a new normal’, a campaign to make ‘Test, Trace and Vaccinate’ acceptable to the entire population in Singapore and inspired the whole nation into action. 
“In reality, COVID-19 may not go away and we have to learn to coexist with this virus,”  MCI’s Public Communications Division, Campaign and Production Department director Soffy Hariyanti said in a statement.
“Through this video, we want to show everyone in Singapore that everyone has a role to play for Singapore to be able to transit to the new normal. 
“If we stay positive and united, as the music video says, no virus can separate us and we can look forward to a progressive reopening. ”
Directed by Royston Tan, the video features several Singaporean celebrities such as Mark Lee, Annette Lee, Ng Ming Wei, Yung Raja and Siti Khalijah outlining the campaign’s three-step strategy to control the COVID-19 virus and how people can safely move towards the new normal.
Singapore, which is intensifying its vaccination programme, and has the possibility of easing some of the COVID-19 restrictions, needs adjustments to coexist with COVID-19 in entering the next phase of fighting the virus. 

This video has garnered more than 4.5 million views as of July 6 this year. Supplied.

Through immediate and extensive testing, contact tracing and vaccination, Singaporeans can be kept safe as the country reopens progressively.
Unlike the usual safety guide videos, this video features a catchy tune, relatable and fun lyrics, and an uplifting music video with a clear message about the importance of testing, tracking, and vaccination in the new normal.
The film begins with a flight attendant inviting Singaporeans to follow her for a safety guide like no other. 
She is then accompanied by various celebrities and local influencers, as well as Singaporeans who came from various backgrounds to emphasize the importance of testing, tracking and vaccination through an everyday scenario. 
“Audiences are then taken on an exhilarating musical journey around the little red dot while learning about our three-stage approach to keeping Singapore safe as it progressively reopens,” Tribal Worldwide Singapore, executive creative director Benson Toh said.
“With these three messages so crucial for the next phase in our fight against COVID-19, it was a challenge for us to deliver them in a way that is not only new but impressive.”

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