Calling All Creative Solopreneurs

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By June Ramli

Are you a creative entrepreneur in need of some kind of help during these trying times?
Well, if you are, then you are in luck cause we want to help you!
Being a creative entrepreneur takes guts, where you concentrate your entire time, working on your craft, and hoping that someone would pay you real money for it.
What are creative entrepreneurs you may ask?
Well, they are usually solopreneurs who work on crafty things like painters, doodlers, artists, musicians, novelists, writers, illustrators, filmmakers and so on.
Please don’t confuse this series with The Pre Launch. In that series, we ask entrepreneurs to write about the journey of starting a business from scratch.

This new series called “Creatives” is slightly different, as it is more like a launchpad to help propel creative solopreneurs careers to greater heights or at the very least help them get more gigs.
In other words, this series is hoping to give you some free advertisements.
So, for creative entrepreneurs, here is what we need from you to make this series work.
Give us a short bio of yourself, no longer than five paragraphs and answer these six questions earnestly.
Here is a sample of the article that we want creative entrepreneurs to send to us and as usual I am gonna go with a plug featuring myself as a creative entrepreneur. This is a sample on the type of write-ups we are looking for.

A sample of a short bio:
My name is June Ramli and I am a creative entrepreneur with a special focus on writing long-form pieces such as novels.
To date, I have created Batik-inspired lingerie and boots, written four books including two picture books, created cartoon characters and a gaming app based on a traditional game from scratch.
These are all solo projects conducted on my own but the good news is that I can help you turn your dream projects into a reality, in other words I can project manage for you.
My expertise includes project management, finding the right people to work on the project for a nominal cost and of course completing a project in a set amount of time.

Questions that you need to answer to be a part of this series are:

  1. What is my expertise?
  2. What inspires me?
  3. What have I created so far?
  4. What are my rates?
  5. What are my delivery times?
  6. What is my contact details?

That’s it. Submission for our new series has no deadlines and this is an ongoing series. Please send all submission and two photos, one of yourself and one more of your work to

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Success! You're on the list.

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