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By Alex Yeoh

Learning is a life-long process that takes place from the first day we were born into this world. We keep on learning to adapt to different stages of life. The current fast-changing job market requires different skills, thus, the demand for re-skilling to stay relevant is a must.
The next question is: Is there a marketplace for online learning?
Yes, there is. However, most of the platforms excluding YouTube are not catered for the local market.
As an engineer turned financial planner who has been giving financial talks at various universities and corporations for the past eight years, I have been wanting to digitise my content for the past two years.
Embarking on this digital transformation journey has been an uphill battle for me because I didn’t know anything about website building, web design, automation, payment gateway integration, membership system, video hosting, and digital marketing and so on.
Luckily, I found my co-founders who shared the same vision as me and they came with skillsets I was looking for.
This was how Fin2u Academy got its start. My company is a social learning platform where one can meet their learning peers, share ideas, learn from a multitude of courses and obtain private tuition from our course mentors.
Fin2u Academy strives to provide you with the best environment for online learning. We provide localised contents, multi-lingual video courses that can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

Fin2U Academy. Supplied.

I always emphasise to all of our course mentors to produce courses that are localised and easy to understand. There’s no point for people to learn without understanding and not being able to apply it. For me, being able to apply what I have learned is the most important element in this platform.
We’re not a university, we don’t have to abide and follow the syllabus, we don’t have to follow a certain presentation style. Our course mentors can teach in their style, language, or format. This makes us very close to the heart of our users.
On top of that, users can create their groups inside this platform and continue learning from like-minded users, discussions and Q&As with course mentors. This is a very useful feature for users to be able to interact and learn from one another and to keep abreast with all the latest topics.
Everyone can become our online course mentor. Yes, not only can you learn, you can even teach on Fin2u Academy. The platform provides you with the infrastructure from A to Z, including digital marketing to promote your course to subscribers. All you have to do is prepare your content and record your videos. That’s it.
Do your best and let Fin2u Academy do the rest.
This platform is FREE to use. The company will only take a cut after you have successfully found a paid subscriber to your course. The platform will use both online and offline kinds of marketing methods to reach out to your targeted subscribers.
Since our soft launch last October, Fin2u Academy has more than 400 users now, comprising of 30 mentors.
There are free and paid courses to choose from and the subjects range from psychology to finance, engineering and self-help.
The market here is hugely untapped and our company is looking for more course mentors to join us. Strategic corporate partnership is welcome as well. More courses and features will be added soon. Watch this space!

About the Author: Alex Yeoh (pictured above) is the CEO of Fin2u Academy.

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