Aussie Muslims Head To Bush

Sydney: Several Australian Muslim youths have embarked on a road trip to educate those living in rural Australia about Islam.
The nationwide campaign titled “Discover Islam Road Trip” will have over 70 Muslim youths from Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Australia (AMYA) organisation partaking in the event held from today till October 15.
“What better way to explore the beautiful Australian coast and to get to know another fellow Aussie?” the National President of AMYA Australia Waqas Ahmad said in a statement.
“Our youths are committed to eradicating the fear that is often felt by non-Muslims in Australia, by devoting their time and effort to travel around the country and provide an opportunity for conversation.
“Studies tell us that by having more factual knowledge about Muslims leads to less prejudice, so this is the perfect way to engage with people and play our part in positively shifting any negative views that people may have,” he said.
Research has shown that about 70 per cent of Australians know ‘little to nothing’ about Muslims or what they stand for.
The youths will stop at various remote towns along the way to meet residents to build stronger relationships, promote social cohesion and remove any misconceptions that those living in the regional areas may have on Muslims.
Many Australians still have negative sentiments towards Muslims and more than half are uncomfortable speaking with one, he said.
Hence, the trip is aimed at providing Australians living in regional and remote areas an opportunity to have a cuppa with a Muslim and possibly make friends with them.

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