We Are Launching A Marketplace!

Hello readers, thanks for supporting us so far with all your likes, shares and visits to the website. All this means a lot to us.

As you know we are a small team of journalists operating from two countries – Malaysia and Australia and things have been going well since we hit the live button at the end of Feb this year.

We’ve been busy with tons of things since our launch. The good news is that we have been moving in the right direction especially with the stories and number of pitches we have been receiving from publicists around the world.

So, that brings us to our next point, we are planning to launch a marketplace soon. It is going to start as a pilot project before we decide to go all out, that too if it shows any promise.

We are open to anyone with any sort of product but we would like to make a special call-out to early-stage entrepreneurs with products that have just been developed or in the works of being launched to trade on our platform.

If you have no clue on what Facebook marketing is all about, don’t want to spend tons of money on a website then our marketplace is where you should be at.

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For the pilot, we are seeking entrepreneurs with products from Malaysia and Australia and we plan to kickstart this project with at least 50 vendors.

There will be no cost to be a part of this soon to be launched marketplace but there will be a tiny fee that we plan to charge for administration costs whenever there is a sale. This is how most marketplaces operate. The cost would be revealed in due course.

This pilot project would go on for three months and if it is successful we will expand it to entrepreneurs from other countries.

So, if you are keen to speak more to us on this then send us an email at editor@dailystraits.com and with the subject line “SHOP.”

Give us a brief introduction of your company, the product, price etc and its unique selling proposition.

If it is still in development, tell us when you can expect to have it up and running.

We may be lenient with the first 50 products but we need to know that you are a legit business with a proven track record before we allow you in the marketplace.

This is to safeguard us as well so that in case there is an order, you’ll be able to deliver the product to the customer with no fuss.

So, the good news is that we have started the ball rolling and we want anyone with an awesome product to approach us with your pitch.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT ESTABLISH BRANDS OR COMPANIES should not approach us. We would be flattered to include established brands into our marketplace, just send us an email and we can set things up.

Rest assured, all your correspondence would be replied to within the next 48 hours.

The pilot will only begin once we get 50 products to trade with because this is a marketplace and so a variety is a must.

So, expect an update on this project from us from time to time and we hope that it gets the uptake that we have envisioned for it.

We look forward to reading your email pitch.

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