Five Everyday Wellness Rituals

Vibrant health allows us to enjoy life to the fullest and there is no doubt that essential oils can offer a wide range of options for staying healthy and relieving minor complaints.

From sleep, stress, energy, skincare, detox to digestion it is easy to incorporate a wellness routine involving essential oils into your daily rituals to enjoy the healing benefits of nature.

ECO. Modern Essentials finance & e-Commerce Manager Natalie Peat Modern Essentials and speaker at the upcoming Online Retailer conference shares her top five everyday wellness rituals:

1. Journal at the beginning of your day

Instead of reaching for your phone or other screen devices, why not reach for your journal? Take a deep inhalation and note down anything that may be on your mind right from opening your eyes. It might be about a dream you had, stresses from the day before, something you are grateful for or even things you need to remember to do that day. The list is endless, but it is a great what to clear the mind and start the day productively.

2. Create your desired atmosphere

The environment around you can have a huge impact on your mood. Never underestimate a good diffuser blend on a bad day. Whether it’s after your journaling or while you’re at work, pop 6-8 drops of your desired essential oil to create the perfect atmosphere for your day.

3. Nourish your mind, body & soul

Eat the rainbow, move your body and listen to your favourite song. We know another foundation of good health is our ability to digest and detoxify, fill your body with nutrients. Exercise is great for your body on so many levels from your organs, muscles to your brain! Most importantly, listen to your favourite song. Music can have an incredible effect on your day – surround yourself with something fun, upbeat and mood-enhancing.

4. Prioritise self-care

Sometimes self-care can be exaggerated. Self-care can simply be saying ‘no’, it can be calling a family member or friend, it can be sitting down to enjoy your morning coffee, it can be rolling on your favourite essential oil. Self-care doesn’t need to be an excessive thing but it should be a daily thing.

5. Create and stick to a bedtime ritual

For most of us, a stressful day or a few sleepless nights are just a part of life, yet, we can’t run on stress hormones forever. We need to recharge and repair our bodies by actively seeking relaxation and giving ourselves plenty of time for rest. Many essential oils help us to relax and drift off into a healing sleep – choose this up to 30 minutes before bed, minimise your screen time about an hour before bed and create a calm atmosphere around you.

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