Supporting World Environment Day

Every three seconds, the world loses enough forests to fill a football field, and as much as 50 per cent of our national coral reefs have been destroyed.
In addition, due to our own excess waste, more than 13 billion single-use plastic bottles end up in landfill in Australia alone.
However, this World Environment Day (today) provides a fantastic opportunity for Australians to gather together and inspire positive change in our communities, by rethinking our consumption habits, developing green initiatives and learning to live more sustainably.
Australian sustainability brand, Single Use Ain’t Sexy founder and chief executive Josh Howard (pictured above), presents his five tips on how Aussies can nurse the environment without investing a large amount of money, or even leaving their home.

Read Product Labels
Whether it’s the fruit or groceries you buy, or the clothing you wear, it’s important to read the labels on products you purchase. Be sure to look for clear signs the product is genuinely helping the environment and supporting safe working standards. If you’re not sure what to lookout for, a few logos include:
Fair Trade
Australian Certified Organic
Forest Stewardship Council
Green Tick
Water/Energy Rating

Use ‘Water Wisdom’
A really simple and effective way to help look after your environment, is to use Water Wisdom. We’ve all heard of the two-minute-shower rule, but don’t forget that we use water for a multitude of other reasons, including cooking, washing machines and watering the garden. Simple ways to reduce the amount of water you use across the board include eco-washing cycles, choosing low-water appliances and picking items for your garden that thrive in drought-like climates, like Australian native plants.

Lights Off, Sustainability On!
While I would recommend switching to an energy provider that is more eco-conscious like Powershop, unfortunately many Aussies don’t have a say in who they use. So, a very easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is by turning those lights off! When you’re finished in a room or leave home, flick that switch. Not only will it help you save money, but you will also reduce your household energy usage levels – it’s win win!

Eat Your Leftovers
This is not just an excuse to eat more! Aussie households throw away more than 2.5 million tonnes of edible food each year – food wastage is a huge problem for our country. Not only does this most often end up in landfill, but it also means increased work for our farmers – which results in higher energy, fuel and water use. My biggest encouragement to Aussies would be to use food wisely; ensuring you are maximising the potential it has across your weekly meals. Eat your leftovers, meal prep and use your Tupperware to make food last longer. Reducing your food wastage consumption by a small amount, can have a huge impact.

Support Sustainable Brands and Products
There are so many sustainable and eco-friendly options available, from clothing to hand soaps. By switching to sustainable and environmentally friendly products, you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint and ensure more plastic doesn’t end up in landfill.

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