SMCV Discounts For Govt Patients 

Sunway Medical Centre Velocity (SMCV) will be offering 40 percent discount for patients coming from government hospitals, effective immediately.

SMCV. Photo: Supplied.
SMCV. Photo: Supplied.

Explaining further, SMCV said those interested in the offer would only need to show up with a referral letter from the respective government hospitals before continuing their treatment at SMCV at the discounted rate.

After presenting SMCV with a referral letter, staff will then assess and evaluate the treatment required by the patient and advise them on the next steps.

Once approved, the patient can then proceed to continue with the necessary treatment and care from SMCV.

“We believe that every individual should have access to affordable healthcare, so they can live their lives to the fullest.

“This initiative will provide us with the opportunity to make private healthcare more accessible and reduce the patients’ waiting time in receiving critical care for their conditions”, Derrick Chan, SMCV Chief Executive Officer said in a statement.

The aim of the exercise was simply to make quality healthcare more accessible for all Malaysians with the discounts being made available from now till the end of the year.

SMCV said the idea was mooted in the past year when government hospitals have been inundated with treating both COVID-19 and non-coronavirus patients.

This has led to delaying non-COVID-19 patients with health problems from receiving treatment, which may further exacerbate their conditions.

Derrick Chan.
Derrick Chan. Photo: Supplied.

Recognising this, SMCV decided to embark on this programme to allow patients to seek out the necessary treatments in a timelier manner.

Meanwhile, Dr Wee Tong Ming, SMCV’s Medical Director and Emergency Physician emphasised the importance of seeking early medical assistance when patients are experiencing symptoms to avoid any further complications.

Dr Wee Tong Ming.
Dr Wee Tong Ming. Photo: Supplied.

“We cannot stress enough how important it is for patients to seek the medical help they need, and to also carry on with their regular check-ups to manage their health and respective conditions.

“We would like to encourage those in need of medical aid to not delay in reaching out to us as we want to make sure that every patient can get the treatment they deserve, without having to put a strain on their financial conditions.

“These patients will have full access to our hospital services and multidisciplinary teams according to their needs, from cardiology, neurology to paediatric services,” Dr Wee said.

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