Osteopore Not Afraid To Collaborate

ASX-listed Osteopore Ltd wants to collaborate with world-leading companies.

The callout was made by none other than its recently appointed Australian CFO Dr Carl Runde (pictured). 

“Small start-ups should not be afraid to seek collaborations with big business and international partners,” Dr Runde said of the WA-registered 3D printed bone implant company.

“We actively seek collaboration with world-leading companies, complementing their products and specialist equipment with our 3D printed biomimetic scaffolds,” he said in a statement.

Dr Runde joined the medical technology business in November last year, a little over a year after Osteopore’s successful listing on the Australian securities exchange.

Explaining further, he said small companies should back themselves and be prepared to talk to bigger companies about collaborating.

“Osteopore is not only good at building 3D-printed bone scaffolds to bring broken bones together but also at building international partnerships, and that’s evident in the work that the company has done to establish itself in Australia in recent years.”

Osteopore CEO Khoon Seng Goh added the company’s collaborations extend to working with research institutes and universities.

“We are forging important partnerships not just with commercial partnerships, but with educational institutions as well in Asia, Australia and Europe,” Goh said.

“Together, we are sharing our collective knowledge and skills, and that allows us to continue to develop world-class medical products that improve the lives of thousands of people around the world.”

Osteopore is a commercial manufacturer of innovative regenerative implants with R&D and manufacturing plants based in Singapore.

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