Collaboration Eases Medication Delivery

Malaysians can now receive their prescribed medications delivered to them straight to their doorstep.

The move was made possible by a three-way collaboration between DOCS2US, Malaysia’s only telemedicine provider along with Alpro Pharmacy and GDEX Bhd who have teamed up to provide secure and real-time tracking of medication delivery. 

The collaboration is a follow-up to online consultation becoming remarkably important during the COVID-19 pandemic when lockdown measures were implemented. 

Once patients receive the e-prescription from doctors at DOC2US after consultation, pharmacists at Alpro Pharmacy will then fill the prescription. 

For patients who opt for doorstep delivery of their medication, they can track their barcoded medication shipments from GDEX in real-time, to better time their availability in receiving their medication. 

“This strategic collaboration among DOC2US, Alpro Pharmacy, and GDEX will not only enhance our back-end processes and productivity but most importantly, provides a better patient experience when it comes to medication delivery services,” Dr Raymond Choy, Chief Executive Officer of DOC2US said in a statement.

“This collaboration also enables us to provide a one-stop solution for patients; from digital healthcare, pharmaceutical supplies, to logistics. ”

“There are currently more than 300 authorised pharmacies adopting our electronic prescribing/dispensing solutions and we target to onboard 1,000 pharmacy outlets this year so that we can further shorten the delivery time nationwide. 

As the demand for medication delivery grows during the pandemic, safe delivery of medication has become a concern to many. 

Some of these concerns include the possibility of inaccurate storage temperature during delivery that can result in harmful effects to patients. 

GDEX Bhd Chief Operating Officer Caren Chong said his staff have been internally trained to handle the delivery and manage the storage of the medication. 

Coupled with our barcoded tracking system, we can ensure that the right medication is delivered to the right patient, and most importantly, in the right condition.” 

Since its inception, late last year, DOC2US has processed more than 320,000 e-prescriptions.

“Gradually, we will also offer this seamless medication delivery service to all of our authorised pharmacies this year.

“At present, we offer same-day delivery for minor ailments in seven major cities – Klang Valley, Penang, Seremban, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, and Kuching,” Choy said.

Meanwhile, in another statement, DOC2US announced a strategic collaboration with AIA Malaysia to provide virtual health services and wellness programs to both individual and corporate customers via the My AIA app.

The collaboration will allow users to virtually consult preferred healthcare professionals through text messaging or video calls without the hassle of seeing a doctor physically.

Once patients receive the e-prescription from doctors at DOC2US, partner pharmacies will then fill the prescription and send them over to the patients via trained delivery riders, the company said.

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