Start-Up’s Game-Changing Tool

A new concept in property sales has emerged as the largest value-based real estate agency in Queensland.

Despite only being a year old, the brainchild of three former Purple Bricks’ principals has teamed up and formed One Percent Property Sales which has twice the number of agents and more than five times the listings of its nearest competitor.

Thanks to the company’s experienced agents, the agency has sold over thousands of homes and at the same time-saving millions of dollars in commission for their clients.

“In comparison to our direct competitors, being fixed-fee or similar value-based offerings, the real difference of the One Percent Property Sales model is in the simplicity of our offering,” One Percent Property Sales director, Aaron Lau said in a statement.

“Being a percentage-based commission means that our agents are incentivised to get the best price for our vendors every time,” he said.

Furthermore, the company’s agents receive 100 per cent of the commission paid by vendors which equate to around the same as what a traditional agent charging 2.5 per cent earns, once franchise fees and marketing has been paid for, and half of their income has been shared with the office principal.

“The One Percent Property Sales business model ensures everyone is a winner with agents receiving a fair remuneration and vendors paying less than half the industry-standard commission.”

Another factor integral to the success of One Percent Property Sales is the company’s adoption of a revolutionary new technology designed specifically for the real estate industry.

“As is always the case, a lot of focus is given to the Sydney and Melbourne property markets,” said Lau.

“However, broadly everyone is curious about the market in these post/mid/wherever-we-are pandemic times. 

“A great resource for this is our unique Instant Estimate tool, which can be accessed at the One Percent Property Sales website, which we have a built-in partnership with Pricefinder (owned by Domain) that can deliver a 15-page detailed report on the value of most homes and what’s important and happening in that particular local marketplace. 

“Of course, this is a computer-generated report powered by an algorithm, so it won’t always be perfect, but it’s certainly a great tool none-the-less for those who might not want the hassle of having an agent in their home.”

One Percent Property Sales is currently operating throughout South-East Queensland and experiencing major growth in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Townsville, Cairns and on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

“We are actively seeking sales agent representation in these areas to keep up with vendor demand,” said Lau.

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