Lockdown In The Big Apple

By Diana Talit

As we all know, the unexpected event that was the pandemic had devastating consequences in New York. I felt really scared and frustrated at the height of the pandemic around April till June of last year.

I was worried because many opportunities such as travelling, meeting new people for work and even my social life took a back seat.

Manhattan, where I live, was literally a dead city compared to its former bustling glory.

The streets were empty without traffic or people to a point that one could play football in the middle of the streets without any issues. 

To top it off, all other activities other than essentials services were barred.

There were no Broadway shows, no cinemas, no sports, no dining out, and businesses were closing their doors by the months.

For me, working from home left me feeling unfulfilled and unaccomplished.

The one thing that kept my sanity in check during the pandemic was going for my daily walks around the piers by the Hudson River and Central Park.

I also performed a lot of prayers and meditation, kept in touch with friends and family via online platforms.

Another thing I did was to improve my cooking and baking skills by trying new recipes.

All of my Malaysian friends met up occasionally for lunch whenever we could at restaurants that were open.

Even though sheer frustration continued to plague people but most remained resilient throughout this pandemic.

One thing for sure is that New Yorkers have emerged stronger than before despite it all.

There is good leadership from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who handled this issue head-on.

Today, the situation in NYC has improved with cases in the state going down, business and social activities slowly making a come back as indoor dining, sports activities are allowed to operate.

I can only hope and pray for life to return back to normal by mid-2021.

About the author: Talit heads the Malaysian Trade Commissioner (Matrade) at the New York office since 2018. She can be reached at diana@matrade.gov.my

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