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By June Ramli  Malaysia in US  Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with DailyStraits.com. Our guest today, Diana Talit who is New York Trade Commissioner for the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation or Matrade for short Talit has over 25 years of working experience in both private and public sectors – 11 years as a corporate banker and 14 years in public service with Malaysia’s ministry of international trade and industry, accumulating experiences in international trade promotion, entrepreneur development and forging government-private sector relations. Before New York, Talit was based in Paris for five years from 2009 to 2014 as the Malaysian Trade Commissioner overseeing the promotion of Malaysia’s trade with France, Spain, Portugal and Monaco. While in France, she actively promoted Malaysia and France collaboration in aerospace engineering services and collaborated with ABE Event of France to set up the business convention called the Kuala Lumpur International Business Convention. Our interview with Talit today would be centred around the trade development between the US and Malaysia. Without further ado, let’s invite Talit to the show. In this podcast, we discuss:  1. The sort of services Matrade provides to Malaysian businesses and entrepreneurs? 2. What are some of the notable projects that Matrade has helped facilitate among Malaysian businesses in the US to date? 3. What are some of the mistakes that Malaysian entrepreneurs make that hold them back from breaking into the US market?  4. Has COVID-19 put a dent in the international trade between Malaysia and the US?  5. Her proudest career moment to date. Without further ado, let’s listen to the interview here:  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dailystraitscom/message
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