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By June Ramli Mental Health Explained  Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with DailyStraits.com. Our guest today is Sydney-based psychiatrist Dr Lisa Myers. Dr. Lisa Myers is a South African born,  Australian trained child and adolescent psychiatrist with 20 years of mental health  experience. With mental health awareness month kicking off in October, Dr. Lisa Myers’ timely  new book When The Light Goes Out , showcases lived experience and expert  advice, both key factors to managing the ever-growing mental health crisis. Lisa’s  book will provide readers with practical tools and strategies for managing their own  mental health.  In this courageous memoir, Lisa skilfully combines her own story of unimaginable  violence and suffering, together with clients’ experiences and professional insights,  to help guide readers facing their own challenges, whether that be major trauma or  everyday adversity. Our chat with Dr Myers today is going to revolve around her book and other matters related to mental health.  In this podcast we discuss:  What made her  want to write the book? Her thoughts on Medicare and whether it is doing enough  for mental health treatment? Why should someone read her book? Without further ado, let’s listen and watch the episode here:  #DailyStraitsDotCom #DailyStraits #Podcast #Podcasting #Australia #MentalHealth #Writer  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dailystraitscom/message
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