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By June Ramli

Melbourne, Oct 7: David Provan, a prominent figure in the gaming industry, serves as the co-founder and managing director of Bluemouth Interactive Pty Ltd.
With a career spanning two decades, Provan has made significant contributions to the Australian and New Zealand gaming markets.
His journey into the gaming world began while working for Take-Two Interactive, a renowned software publisher famous for titles like Grand Theft Auto.
After five years of industry experience, Provan identified an opportunity in the gaming accessory sector. Together with his wife, he founded Bluemouth Interactive, initially operating from their Melbourne home’s back room.
Bluemouth Interactive initially focused on three key brands: Four Gamers from the UK, RDS, and Prima Games, specializing in strategy guides.
Provan’s vision was to build a business centered around gaming accessories.
Over the years, Bluemouth Interactive diversified its product range, encompassing controllers, cables, gaming furniture, and various accessories.
Provan places a strong emphasis on building robust relationships with suppliers and retailers, highlighting the loyalty and support that have been instrumental in the company’s success.
He shared a pivotal moment when American Express approved a critical transaction, allowing them to launch Halo 2’s strategy guide.
As the gaming industry continued to evolve, Bluemouth Interactive adapted by expanding its product offerings to include gaming chairs, desks, and gaming beds.
Provan also highlighted the industry’s shift towards mobile and cloud gaming, necessitating partnerships with national retailers like Harvey Norman and Temple & Webster to introduce gaming furniture to a broader audience.
Regarding inventory management, Provan emphasized the importance of finding effective outlets to clear excess stock.
The company employs dropshipping for furniture products, enabling it to offer competitive prices and manage inventory effectively.
Bluemouth Interactive’s future plans include further development of their own brands, such as Third Earth, which offers customizable controller faces with magnetic attachments and LED lighting.
This brand aims to cater to gamers across different platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.
While Provan acknowledged that it can be challenging to fully disconnect from the business, he has learned to trust his capable team.
With their support and the right processes in place, Bluemouth Interactive continues to thrive.
Provan also values being a positive example for his 15-year-old twins, who witness the dedication required to run a successful business.
For a comprehensive interview with Provan, co-founder and managing director of Bluemouth Interactive Pty Ltd, please listen to the full interview below.

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