Abexol’s Arthritis Study

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Sydney, Oct 7: Abexol, the pioneering supplement approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for treating arthritis using beeswax alcohols, is embarking on a crucial research initiative.
They are actively seeking volunteers to participate in further studies aimed at evaluating the supplement’s effectiveness in alleviating arthritis symptoms.
In honor of World Arthritis Day on Oct 12, Abexol is reaching out to individuals who are willing to contribute to the advancement of arthritis treatment.
The study aims to assess how Abexol, with its unique formulation, can benefit those suffering from osteoarthritis, particularly individuals aged 40 and above.

Here are the key details for potential volunteers:

  • Number of Participants: There is no fixed limit, but Abexol aims to recruit ideally between 1,000 to 10,000 volunteers.
  • Eligibility: Both males and females with a history of osteoarthritis are encouraged to participate.
  • Duration: Volunteers will receive a three-month supply of Abexol and are required to complete a brief questionnaire before and after the study.
  • Compensation: While there is no direct monetary compensation, the value of the provided product totals $174.

The study will be conducted remotely, allowing participants to complete questionnaires and take the supplement from the comfort of their homes.
Abexol’s research efforts will be overseen by the company itself and, if necessary, with the guidance of a medical advisor or doctor.
This groundbreaking study employs the internationally recognized WOMAC pain scale: the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC).
The double-blind study aims to provide valuable insights into the supplement’s impact on arthritis symptoms and overall quality of life.
By volunteering for this initiative, participants have the opportunity to contribute to the development of an innovative arthritis treatment and potentially improve their own well-being.
Abexol invites all eligible individuals to join them on World Arthritis Day in this important endeavor.

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