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By June Ramli

I have decided to suspend this column indefinitely because the build for the Perth home would not be going on as planned.
Ever since NAB retracted my home loan (after approving it and giving me false hope for weeks on end), I had a hard time securing a new one and thus I have decided to give up on the build altogether.
I don’t want to go into the details of the issue because everything is water under the bridge now and it is no longer good for me to harp on past matters.
Mind you, I have tried so damn hard to keep things afloat by trying to secure a new home loan from another bank but it wasn’t an easy feat for me.
I do feel very sad though because this was my last chance of securing a home loan as a self-employed woman in Australia.

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Now the whole experience has turned me into a bitter woman and my hatred towards Australia is at its peak!
So, there will be no new home for me in Perth. To all my haters, I hope you are happy. That dream of me owning a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that I wanted to turn into an Airbnb has been busted for good and I am no longer even going to think about owning any homes in Australia anymore. In fact, I want out from team Australia.
I also don’t think I can even muster the courage to visit Perth anymore because it would just incite all these bittersweet feelings in me. I am still very keen on moving out of Sydney, though. So, who is hiring? Auckland, are you hiring? KL, are you hiring? Jakarta, are you hiring?
What I hate most about Sydney is how fake this city is. For almost 10 years, I have not made any real friends nor do I have anyone to call or lean on if a big calamity were to hit me.
This is what scares me the most. So far, I have been very lucky and have not had any big emergencies to deal with as yet.

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Heck! I don’t even know who my neighbours are, except for one lady whom I know only by her first name, but I have no idea what her last name is, nor her number for emergencies and I have been living in this apartment block since 2018. In Malaysia, we know our neighbours’ full names and their entire history including their extended family who may not necessarily be from the same neighbourhood.
This is why I wanted to move to Perth so much, so I could be closer to my brother and Malaysia is only a hop and a skip away.
I have been paying rent to a home which I don’t own for years on end and to date, I have not missed a single payment, so what made you think that I couldn’t service the home loan?
The reason why I started this column was not to brag about the fact that I was purchasing a home interstate but it was more to teach someone else to not be afraid to buy a home sight unseen (like what I was planning to do), and build it through Zoom meet-ups.
Also, since this website has a large readership among the South East Asians, building a house sight unseen would have been a good way to promote such ideas to well-heeled Asians as well who may or may not want to follow in my footsteps.
If I had one wish, I would turn back time and stop myself from making the greatest mistake of my life which is unfortunately the move to Australia. Back then, I thought moving to Australia was the greatest thing I could have done career-wise but alas, years on I am still struggling to even settle down, in fact, it is suffice to say that all things good in life ended as soon as I made the decision to move here. There just have been too many challenges for me to weather at every nook and corner that living it up in Malaysia would have been a better bet. It really would have been more beneficial for me to have stayed put there and not migrated here. I hate you Australia, with all my heart.

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