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By June Ramli

I have hit a snag with this build. The sales consultant who was working with me on this deal has left his company abruptly to start his own business leaving me in limbo.
While I am not planning on cancelling the project, I am however planning to change the builder or the developer of my soon to be dwelling back to the earlier developer that I initially signed up for in 2020.
The reason why I have decided to cancel the current developer is because I feel the company is being managed by staff who have just lost their will to work for the greater good of the company. This normally happens when staff morale is low and unfortunately I have sensed that within this company in a number of instances last week.
I mean when my sales consultant left abruptly to become a freelancer and subsequently to start his own business, his company did not take the liberty to communicate the matter to me nor send me a handover email to tell me that my former sales consultant would be leaving his job and I would get a new replacement or contact person to liaise with from now on. I think handovers such as these are very important, more so since I am an interstate customer who is building the house sight unseen.
Instead what happened was that my now former sales consultant had contacted me via phone to tell me that he will still be managing my build despite not being formally associated with the company and would be doing so in his capacity as a freelance consultant. I was flabbergasted.
I am not comfortable with this arrangement especially when he told me that he won’t be able to obtain real-time information on my build as he was no longer a staff and hence his ability to view files and other details about my home build would need to come through the goodwill of his former colleagues who were still employed by the company.
I found that super odd and so this week I contacted the company directly through the number I source via Google and was met with a rude receptionist who would not pass my query on to any of the decision-makers within the company that could help me with my case in real-time.
Instead, the receptionist from hell then passes me on to the contractor administrator who turns out to be a nice lady but unfortunately of very little help to me. She appears to be very sympathetic to my case and when I told her that I was thinking of cancelling the build altogether – instead of pacifying me and stopping me from doing so she sort of encourages me to take on this path. She did say that she would get the brand new consultant to contact me and explain the cancellation process but till today, I have not heard from him. This conversation took place mid of last week and until today I have not heard back from the replacement consultant. As such, I had decided to cancel the build from them altogether and employ a new builder and I am trying to get the deposit of $2,000 that is still stuck with this unprofessional builder. I reckon they should return my deposit as by the looks of it they are not even keen on keeping me on as a customer judging by how I have been treated by them in the last few days. If my deposit doesn’t get returned to me soon- I’ll name the company in my next column just so you can stay clear from them and not make the same mistake as me. I will also explain in detail why I chose this builder in my next column. Till my next update. Cheerio, my sweets!

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