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By June Ramli

There aren’t many updates from me this week in regards to the house build in Perth.
I am still waiting for the child title to come through before the other paperwork can be finalised and the build finally taking place.
So, at this stage, everything is still a waiting game. Side note here, if you are considering building your home in Perth, know that the wait times can blow out to this. I initially started the conversation for this build at the tail end of October last year and up to today, I am still waiting for the paperwork to come through.
Once the paperwork is up to mark, only then can the work on the build begin.
It is a frustrating process but thankfully there are other things that we can concentrate or work on while we wait for the build to start.
But let’s talk more about the area that I am buying into. The house is located in the northern part of Perth and the area that I am buying into is called Amberton beach.

Amberton Beach.

I initially wanted to buy a duplex at Alkimos beach when I started this project in 2020 but had shelved that plan aside after my mother didn’t find the floor plan for that dwelling enticing. Interestingly enough she didn’t even take pictures of the place and outright told me not to get it. That house which I was initially interested in was already built and ready to move into when I found it on a reputable website but my mother didn’t like the vibe the house was giving and so we moved on. In case you are wondering why I didn’t accompany my mother during that trip, well it was because I was at work in Sydney and couldn’t get time off so she ended up being my eyes and ears. 
After rejecting the Alkimos duplex, she made another two or three site visits to other areas with my sister-in-law and her mother and settled on this place which was a relatively new area in Perth. The place that she chose is on its way up to greatness, I believe, with a train station being built nearby and other developments around the area coming up soon. 
So, I just went along with mother’s suggestion and agreed on Amberton beach. Subsequently, I found a lady who lived in the area on Instagram and started stalking her page relentlessly. She realised that I was looking at her stories feed a lot and followed me back. Lol. So far we have DMed each other once. She is nice and helped me with some information I needed about the area.  
She told me that her husband used to live in Sydney and doesn’t regret the move he made to Amberton beach and I believe her 100 per cent. 
I can see from her Instagram feed that the area is stunning. She often posts photos of wildlife, like the galah and other beautiful birds on her feed which roam wild and free in the area and surrounding suburbs from time to time. Mind you this is a random lady that I befriended on Instagram that is giving me the much-needed info I need about the area.
As to why I haven’t visited the area yet, well it was simply because of COVID and the myriad of restrictions WA Premier Mark McGowan has slapped on interstate residents like myself.
So much so I have decided to wait the whole thing out -as in not visiting the place at all until the dwelling is up which I expect to take place sometime next year if everything goes as planned. 
I hope it does because I can’t wait to live less than 10 to 15 minutes away from the beach by foot. Till my next update, peeps. Be well.

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