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Sydney, March 5: It has been a super busy week and apologies for updating this column on the weekend. I know I said the site won’t be operational on the weekends, to give me ample time for me to get some rest from all the work I do non-stop during the weekdays.
But I am breaking that rule now to give you some updates on my dwelling. I’d like to say that I have made some progress. I have been told by Stockland that my child title would kick in some time by the mid or the end of this month.

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Once the house title kicks in, it would all be rather smooth sailing from there on, I believe, I would probably be able to get the other things going like picking the rooftop colours, the paint etc. At the moment, I am planning to do all this through Zoom and not through a mad dash visit to Perth. Although Perth is currently open for business, I believe it would still be hard for me to get in as I am not triple vaxxed.
It’s crazy.

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I wish the WA Premier Mark McGowan would be more lenient when it comes to all these vaccination businesses. Why can’t he allow in folks with just the double vaccination? Anyway, enough about that, but more about the process of building the house sight unseen in beautiful Perth.
To tell you the truth, I have bought into a cool area. My future home is considered somewhat of the next Mosmon, (yes, the upmarket area in Sydney) and I can’t wait to start living my life and operating my businesses from there.

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Moving to Perth would also be good for this website, as it is closer to Southeast Asia, the hotbed for all things startup at the moment. For some reason, Perth is in the same timezone as most of the Southeast Asian countries and not too far from Malaysia or even Singapore. Five hours max but if there are clear skies, some pilots can even make it within four hours plus.
Okay, I am rattling again, so back to the house matters, when building a house, it comes down to land and build, so the land I’ve had to purchased it separately and the built of the house, I have done it with a builder whom I know very little about. The only reason that I have gone into the deal is because I know of someone who is working there. Who you might ask? Well, remember I told you that I cancelled the first purchase of a house due to jitters- that sales guy, he moved companies and is the boss of the new builder which I am engaging with at the moment.

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Last week, his boss, sent me an email with a YouTube video attached to it telling me and other buyers I believe that the home building process would be delayed because of all these COVID nonsense, and because the state has gone down on lockdown so much, the materials they need to use for the build is hard to come by or something to that tune.
But I must say that with this builder, they are more organised than the older builder whereby they have set up a portal for me and have greyed out the areas once the process completes aka the house gets built and I get the keys. I have 14 steps to go before I get the house keys to my new dwelling and I think I am currently on step three or four- still a long way to go. This column updates every week. Thank you for reading.

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