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So, I am building a house. A three-bedroom house in beautiful Perth, Western Australia. To set the record straight, I’ve been based in Sydney, Australia ever since 2014 and have tried many times to own a dwelling here but failed on all accounts. It is just too hard to buy a house here in Sydney and there are many factors contributing to this. One main reason is the price. I want something landed and close to the beach and I can only get that interstate.

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Also, I am sick of living in Sydney, I really yearn for a tree change. I thought it was New York but after visiting the place and subsequently trying for the Green Card lottery in 2019, I have now set my sights on Perth.
You can get that sort of dwelling here but unfortunately, it doesn’t fall within my price range or liking. In Sydney, I would probably need to purchase a high-density apartment that would be far from the beach area.  I really want to purchase a home that has a garden and is a stone throw away from the beach and that sort of dwellings my friend is only available in Perth. 

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Anyway, I have lived in Perth before and so the move is not going to come as a rude shock. It would be a welcomed move. 
This is my second attempt at trying to purchase this home. The first one I cancelled because I had the jitters of moving interstate to what the Australian media describe as a hermit state.
But then I decided, what an adventure the move would have to my currently mundane life and aha, we are forging ahead despite the fact that WA is known to go down in long and prolonged lockdowns.
Okay, so at the moment, we haven’t started the build yet as we are still waiting for loads of administrative things to come in like the child title or the individual lot title that is taking forever to come through due to several technicalities that cannot be controlled.

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I also found out that the housing market in Perth is a hotbed now, making titles hard to come by, this was what my builder told me last week. I don’t really get why people are looking to the west right now, but I think I’ve figured it out. It could be because Australians on the east side have finally realised what a cool place Perth is and are starting to purchase properties on the other side of the country.
The regret that I have in this is canceling the purchase the first time and not forging ahead, but we have no time to dwell in the past. This column updates weekly. Till my next update.

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